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5 best GTA San Andreas graphics mods for 2 GB RAM PCs

Image via GTAforums
Image via GTAforums
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 15 Nov 2020, 17:10 IST

GTA San Andreas isn't a particularly demanding game by today's standards and should work without a hitch on most gaming setups. However, gamers are the sentimental type, and letting go of an old laptop or desktop setup can be heart-wrenching.

Despite their dated hardware, players might decide to keep an old friend around and what better game from the 2000s to play than GTA San Andreas? The game has aged surprisingly well in all aspects except for the graphics.

While the game arguably has a lot more charm to it with blocky textures, awkward animations, and wonderfully potato assets, players can tweak the graphics a bit by adding a couple of mods to keep things interesting visually.

5 best GTA San Andreas graphics mods for 2 GB RAM PCs

1) GTA 5 HUD for San Andreas

One should never underestimate the value of a well-designed HUD and the impact it can have on the game experience. While GTA San Andreas' HUD is iconic, it could do with a revamp that removes all the clutter and makes for a smoother experience.

This mod does exactly that and gives the game a premium touch that almost makes it look like a game that was made in the 2010s.

2) Project X 3.0 Reborn


This mod has the one thing everyone needs from graphics mods: more reflective surfaces. To flaunt the capabilities of a mod, players will generally look at reflective surfaces and water effects on cars and other assets.

This mod does a great job of giving the game a major facelift while still maintaining the low hardware requirements that make the game so accessible.

3) NatuLush Vegetation

Vegetation can often go overlooked in a game set in the city such as GTA San Andreas. But one needs to stop, look, and maybe smell the HD-textured flowers and sharp-looking grass with the help of the NatuLush Vegetation.

This adds a level of authenticity to the game world of GTA San Andreas. The mod makes the world feel more lived-in and natural than it does without the mod.

4) First-Person Mod

While this won't improve the visual quality of the overall game experience, it certainly helps with immersion into the game world. The first-person perspective adds another visceral dimension to the world of GTA. A third-person perspective simply cannot deliver the same experience.

Players are thrown right into the thick of things from a first-person perspective and thus every action tends to feel a lot more graphic and visceral as a result. The player feels directly involved when interacting with the world around them in GTA San Andreas.


5) New Effects 1.0

The title of the mod alone should be enough indication as to which area of the game this mod chooses to focus on. Essentially, the mod tweaks explosion effects, gunfire, smoke, fog, and a bunch of other key areas to deliver a visually appealing experience throughout the game.

Although the mod can feel a bit too taxing on hardware, it isn't nearly as taxing as some of the heavier mods that teeter on the boundaries of being complete Remasters.

Published 15 Nov 2020, 17:10 IST
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