5 best legends for Control mode in Apex Legends Season 12

Some of the best legends for Control mode in Apex Legends (Image via Sportskeeda)
Some of the best legends for Control mode in Apex Legends (Image via Sportskeeda)

Apex Legends is moving on to its twelfth season and will be bringing many changes along with it. One of the biggest of them is introducing a new 9v9 mode called "Control". This mode is very similar to the Domination mode from Call of Duty. Players need to capture and hold three zones, and the team with the most points or zones will be declared winners.

Control mode can be a bit defensive since players would need to hold the zones to gain maximum points. In this case, selecting the appropriate legend would be necessary to gather all the intel and capture the zones for the maximum amount of time.


Here are the top legends for Control mode in Apex Legends Season 12

Control mode is one of the latest additions with Season 12. A total of 18 players will compete in a 9v9 format while capturing and holding zones. In this case, proper legends need to be selected to get the maximum advantage over the other players in the opponent team.

Here are some of the best legends to play Control mode in Season 12:

  • Mad Maggie
  • Bloodhound
  • Fuse
  • Wattson
  • Revenant

1) Mad Maggie


Mad Maggie is the latest legend that will debut with Season 12 of Apex Legends. Being aggressive, she can easily pressurize her opponents and create absolute menace in the new mode.

Her tactical ability can move enemies out of cover and take them down eventually. Her ultimate sends a metallic ball that gains speed as it moves forward and inflicts heavy damage when hit.

2) Bloodhound


Bloodhound is one of the best intel-gathering characters in Apex Legends. It has been present since the game's inception and is one of the most picked legends ever. The character is versatile and supports different types of play.

His ultimate ability is best suited for rushing into opponents who are busy in combat as it pinpoints their location while catching them off-guard. His tactical ability helps to reveal opponents' position for a brief period.

3) Fuse


When Mad Maggie is included in the list, how can her best friend be far behind? When teamed up with the upcoming legend, Fuse can prove to be very deadly for the opposing team.

His Knuckle Clusters can deny the zone holding enemies' positions in Control mode. His ultimate, "Motherlode," can lock down enemies within a fiery boundary, making it difficult for them to reposition. Although getting the ultimate will not be possible all the time, Knuckle Clusters would be enough to inflict severe damage upon the opponents holding zones.

4) Wattson


Wattson can be beneficial while defending in Control mode. She could be a counter against Mad Maggie as her Static Defenses would nullify Maggie's tactical ability.

Even Wattson's ultimate "Pylon" is very similar to Jager's gadgets from Rainbow Six Siege as they help neutralize all the explosives thrown against them. Wattson combined with Revenant/Caustic and Bloodhound can be a perfect combination for Control.

5) Revenant


Revenant is an underrated character in Apex Legends. His ultimate "Death Totem" can prove a nightmare for most teams. After equipping the Totem kept at a particular hiding position, the team would revert after fighting with the opposing team.

His tactical ability throws a concussion/flash and temporarily flashes and restricts the movement of the opposing team members.

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