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5 best offline games like GTA for iOS devices

Image credits: TouchGameplay, youtube
Image credits: TouchGameplay, youtube
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 04 Oct 2020, 17:30 IST

The mobile game platform has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent times, and some of the most celebrated games from other platforms have made their way onto this medium.

There aren't many games that occupy the rarified air as the GTA franchise in terms of popularity and quality of games. Several titles from the Grand Theft Auto series are now available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Underappreciated offerings from this franchise, like GTA Chinatown Wars, finally had an audience because it was perfect for handheld consoles. While other ports have had a harder time re-adjusting the game to touch controls, some titles have been able to do it far better than others.

These are five of our picks for action titles like GTA on the Apple App Store

5) Gangstar New Orleans

The Gangstar franchise has long been the GTA alternative on mobile devices, and these are incredibly well-made, polished titles. New Orleans holds on the visual end and should provide gamers with an immersive and visually appealing experience.

Gangstar New Orleans rarely ever feels like a free-to-play title due to its excellent production value, making it simply one of the best titles on the App Store for fans of the genre, and the GTA series.


Download from here.

4) Crime Auto

The title might be a little derivative of the iconic GTA franchise, but that shouldn't deter players, as this game is one with a lot of heart and creativity. Crime Auto puts players on a decently sized map with all the tools to cause excess amounts of chaos.

This title will appeal to fans of the GTA series because it gives players a similarly open playground for them to explore freely. Complete with a decent variety of cars and weapons, fans will be engaged for hours on end while playing Crime Auto.

Download from here.

3) Big Time Gangsta


While Big Time Gangsta isn't an open-world game like many on this list, it is a fun affair from start to end. Players will attempt to take over the entire town through a series of melee encounters and shootouts.

The title feels decidedly arcade and is all the better for it, as it maintains a consistent tone throughout its considerable playtime. While Big Time Gangsta wouldn't win over any long-time players of the GTA franchise, it still has enough on offer for it to be a great time-killer.

Download from here.

2) Six-Guns

Six-Guns might be the closest thing to a Red Dead Redemption game on the mobile platform, and it does a great job of providing robust shooting mechanics even with touch controls.

This game has 40 exciting missions complete with a captivating story that fans of the genre are sure to love. Packed with showdowns at high-noon, Six-Guns never lets up and is an exciting affair from start to end.

This title is available for free on the App Store for iOS devices, which makes it an extremely appealing option.


Download from here.

1) Max Payne

Remedy Entertainment's classic from the 2000s, Max Payne, was a seminal moment in gaming and set the benchmark for action games with an emphasis on cinematic qualities.

The story of Max, although tragic, is filled with exciting bullet-time action from the get-go and never fails to impress. While this game isn't an open-world shooter like GTA, its realistic ragdoll physics mixed with the always-impressive bullet-time mechanic is an instant winner.

Max Payne might just be one of the best games to play on their iOS devices, even in 2020, nearly 19 years since the original release.

Download from here.

Published 04 Oct 2020, 17:30 IST
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