5 best teams to start your FIFA 22 Career Mode managerial career with (May 2022)

5 best teams in FIFA 22 Manager Career Mode (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 best teams in FIFA 22 Manager Career Mode (Image via Sportskeeda)

Manager Career Mode is one of the most popular modes to play in FIFA 22. Featuring over 700 clubs from all over the world, Career Mode is an engaging venture that allows players to create and customize their own football teams.

As the first step in the Manager Career Mode, players have to select the club they want. While this may appear to be the simplest task at hand, selecting a club can be quite an exhausting task, with so many good options to choose from.


In this article, we will explore the various options for FIFA 22 players in Manager Career Mode, listing the 5 best teams they can choose to kick-start their journey.

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5 Best FIFA 22 teams in Manager Career Mode (May 2022)

5) Bayern Munich

  • Transfer Budget: 135,865,472
  • Club Value: 3,098,326,000

Bayern is renowned for being one of the greatest clubs in Bundesliga history. The Bavarians earned their 10th consecutive league title after claiming the 2020/21 season of the German first-division.

In FIFA 22, Bayern Munich fields a squad comprising of players like Robert Lewandowski (92), Manuel Neuer (90) and Joshua Kimmich (89) as their most impressive athletes. In addition to these players, Bayern also has a young roster of promising talent who can be of great value to Career Mode players.

4) Real Madrid

  • Transfer Budget: 177,034,464
  • Club Value: 3,705,200,000

Real Madrid is a club with a deeply rooted history in football, often recognized as one of the best clubs in Europe. An incredible performance throughout the 2020/21 season witnessed them collect their 35th La Liga title.

The squad that represented Real Madrid in their title-winning campaign includes Karim Benzema (91), Thibaut Courtois (89) and Casemiro (89) as their top players. With a great transfer budget and a talented roster to work around, players can expect an exciting managerial campaign with the club in Career Mode.

3) Paris Saint Germain (PSG)

  • Transfer Budget: 188,814,336
  • Club Value: 2,567,680,000

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) is one of the premier teams in FIFA 22, featuring a squad capable of tackling any possible opposition in the game. As the winners of Ligue 1 in the 2021/22 season, PSG have a proven squad that can work wonders in the game as well.

One of football's all-time greats, Lionel Messi (93), graces PSG's squad in FIFA 22 as their highest rated player. Following him are two incredibly talented individuals, Neymar (91) and Mbappe (91), with the latter being one of the most valuable players in the entire game.

2) Manchester United

  • Transfer Budget: 224,506,976
  • Club Value: 4,183,100,000

Manchester United have a rich history in football which dates back to over a century ago. While the club is admittedly having a rough season in real life, their FIFA 22 counterpart is one of the richest clubs in the game.

With the return of Cristiano Ronaldo (91) to Old Trafford in the 2021/22 season, FIFA enthusiasts have access to one of football's greatest players in the squad. Ronaldo is followed by Bruno Fernandes (87) and David De Gea (87) as the team's best players, with an abundance of young talent for Career Mode managers to work with.

1) Manchester City

  • Transfer Budget: 253,058,000
  • Club Value: 3,982,500,000

Manchester City takes the top spot on the list owing to their stellar roster and their extravagant transfer budget. As a result of their season-long efforts, City are an inch away from claiming the Premier League as well as the UEFA Champions League.

Kevin De Bruyne (91), an adept midfielder in all aspects, leads Manchester City's roster as their most valuable player. He is accompanied by Ederson (89) and Ruben Dias (88), both of whom form the crux of their backline in FIFA 22. Upon pairing such talent with the best budget in the game, Manchester City becomes an irresistible choice for Career Mode players in FIFA 22.

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