Is Phil Foden the best young player in the Premier League in FIFA 22?

Is Phil Foden the most talented youngster from Premier League in FIFA 22? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Is Phil Foden the most talented youngster from Premier League in FIFA 22? (Image via Sportskeeda)

FIFA 22 has an elaborate roster of young talent that Career Mode enthusiasts can train and develop into top-tier professionals before a player has even established themselves in real life.

Phil Foden is a unique young prospect who first appeared in Manchester City in their UEFA Champions League squad at 16 years old, before finally making his professional debut for the club at 17.


Foden is currently playing his 5th season for the club, regularly featuring in Pep Guardiola's squad. Although listed as a CAM, the youngster plays as a winger for his club side while occasionally featuring as a support striker.

The Englishman is a much-adored player in FIFA 22 for his attributes and sheer ability to fit into different formations. Listed below are the factors contributing to Phil Foden being the best young Premier League player in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22: Four reasons why Foden is Premier League's golden boy

1) Innate dribbling skills

Phil Foden is an adept dribbler in real-life, while his attributes in FIFA 22 portray the same. The 21-year-old has 87-rated dribbling stats, with amazing agility (90) and balance (91). Together with his excellent ball control (88), Foden can play in midfield comfortably.

Foden can offer a quick burst of pace (84) as well, which benefits him in 1v1 situations. Players can use Foden's 4-star rated skill moves and incredible vision (84) to reach teammates or attempt a shot on goal.

2) Versatility

Although listed as a central attacking midfielder, Foden plays in various attacking positions across the field. His ability to carry the ball and contest opponents in 1v1 gives him the freedom to move into different areas to create plays for his teammates.

For Pep Guardiola's side, he usually plays as a left-winger. Since Manchester City lacks a straight-up number 9, Foden plays as a false-9 and supporting striker whenever required.

Foden's shot power (82), paired with his ability to make plays with his weak foot, allows him to play as an inverted winger on the right flank as well.

3) Potential to be the greatest

Phil Foden witnesses a boost from 79 OVR in FIFA 21 to 84 in FIFA 22. The game administers a starting potential for every player in Career Mode. Managers can train their players to reach the mentioned starting potential, with scope to improve further.


Along with Kai Havertz (83), Phil Foden has the best starting potential for a midfielder in Career Mode, with 92 POT. All of Foden's attributes are likely to rise, while his best attributes of dribbling (87) and vision (84) are expected to reach unreal heights.

Foden can reach 99 OVR in FIFA 22 within a span of 10 seasons in Career Mode.

4) FUT Promos

FIFA 22 was released on October 1, 2021. Phil Foden witnessed his first FUT upgrade in the form of a Team of The Week release in TOTW 3 featuring as a left-winger with an 86-rated card.

Phil Foden..that is all86 TOTW FODEN PLAYER REVIEW⭐️ ⭐️#FIFA22

Foden received his second upgrade a month later, on November 5, when EA Sports released Team 2 of their Rulebreakers promo for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The upgrade features Foden with an 88-rated card with boosted shooting attributes and pace and lowered dribbling stats when compared to his base card.


Foden is a regular for his club side and is an impressive performer on the field. The youngster is likely to receive more upgrades in the near future for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Is Phil Foden the best youngster in the game?

Foden's real-life performance earned him a 5 point boost in FIFA ratings, and rightly so. The youngster was very influential in his club, lifting the Premier League and finishing as runner-up in Europe. Foden is expected to continue his performance in real life, which could prompt EA Sports to release more FUT upgrades for him.

In Career Mode, the youngster can play throughout the season with rare spells of injury. Foden's age allows him to play in top form every season while improving his attributes. Players can enjoy over ten excellent seasons in Career Mode with Foden while witnessing his stats hit the roof.

Foden's only rival in terms of potential is Kai Havertz. However, given each player's role within their club, and with Foden's head-start in OVR taken into account, he is the best young prospect from the Premier League in FIFA 22.

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