5 Clash of Clans tips to make townhall great

Becoming a better player in Clash of Clans is not that hard (Image via CoC twitter)
Beginners can quickly enhance their Clash of Clans townhall (Image via Twitter/Clash of Clans)

To become a better player in Clash of Clans, you have to keep a few things in mind, especially in the starting hours of the game. A strategic mindset is needed to grow your village safely. However, it takes a lot more than setting up the perfect strategy to prosper in Clash of Clans.

Creating a prosperous village in the Clash of Clans is not easy. Facing difficulties in getting enough resources for upgrades is part of the challenge. Finding gems or building a base properly are other problems beginners often face. So when you start off as a village chief in Clash of Clans, here are a few tips you should know.

Top 5 tips for beginners to quickly enhance their Clash of Clans townhall

1) Save the gems


This is probably the most important tip for beginners, as many are tempted to use gems to instantly finish upgrades that would otherwise take hours or even days. However, gems are quite rare, making them an incredibly important resource for Clash of Clans players.

Gems help players get builder huts. At the start of the game, one builder will be enough. However, if players reach TH5 without more builders, it will take forever to upgrade anything, as there will be a lot of things to upgrade. So, no matter how tempting it is, always save the gems, at least until you get your fifth builder hut.

2) Repairing the clan castle


When starting out, you will be weak and unable to attack better enemies. However, being in a clan can get you reinforcements in your Clan Castle from other members. This way, it is easier to attack, and these troops in Clan Castle will also defend the village when raided by other players.

When repairing the Clan Castle, choose a good clan to help you grow. Having a few good players in the clan means you will always get more reinforcements from top-level troops. Having such troops in your arsenal means your base will always be well protected.

3) Increase the gold and elixir reserves


Maximize your gold and elixir reserves and increase the extractors and mines as often as possible. These are important buildings in Clash of Clans, and upgrading them will keep the resources flowing for beginners even when they are on a bad run in raiding other players’ villages in Clash of Clans.

You can always attack Goblin villages for practice, where it is easy to break bases. Play these, get loot in the early days, and upgrade your storage and mines with them.

4) How to win battles


You have to get at least one star to win an attack. Stars are earned by damaging 50% of the enemy base, breaking the Town Hall, and doing 100% damage to the base. So when your troops are not ready to do 50% damage to the raided base, attacking the Town Hall can be a great option to secure wins from these early raids. As a beginner, you can always try training modes to perfect your attacking combination.

Keep using the training mode of Clash of Clans to learn new types of attack combinations. This way, whenever you are at a new level and some new troops are unlocked, you will be prepared to use them in different raids.

5) Always check the Clan Castle before attacking


A beginner should always remember to empty the Clan Castles of the enemy base, especially in wars. If the clan members have helped you with reinforcements, the opposing players probably have those too. So, deploy one troop to check for reinforcements in the Clan Castle before deploying the others. This is probably the most important trick to consider before attacking villages from other clans in Clan Wars.

Beginners often misjudge the power of the opponent they are attacking in wars and even normal attacks and deploy all their troops for a full-fledged attack. Then, once the troops come out of the opponent's Clan Castle, they do considerable damage to the player's army. Not only will you miss stars by attacking villages that are sure-shot three-star bases, but you might also lose in these attacks just because you forgot to clear the Clan Castle.

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