5 hardest God of War Ragnarok boss fights

God of War Ragnarok has a diverse rooster of bosses to overcome. Here are a few of the toughest (Image via Santa Monica Studio)
God of War Ragnarok has a diverse roster of bosses to overcome (Image via Santa Monica Studio)

A PlayStation-exclusive action-adventure title, God of War Ragnarok has booked itself as one of the games of the year, despite releasing on November 11. With more than 10 nominations for The Game Awards, it is leading the pack, which includes the likes of Elden Ring and Forbidden Horizon West.


As far as sales are concerned, Kratos and Atreus’ fantastical journey is breaking records at the moment. With over five million copies sold, God of War Ragnarok has turned into the fastest selling game in PlayStation’s history.

The rapid success is mostly due to the title's well-narrated storyline that takes players across the nine realms of Norse mythology. This time around, Kratos and Atreus must stand off against some of the mighty gods and creatures of the bygone Norse era.

From Thor to Odin, God of War Ragnarok has had PlayStation gamers raving over some of the most brutal bosses. Unlike previous entries in the franchise, Ragnarok has truly managed to surprise gamers with its diversity of bosses, each posing a unique challenge to overcome altogether.

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This feature talks about some of the toughest boss fights that gamers have to go through in Ragnarok’s storyline:

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Thor, Heimdall, and 3 other challenging bosses to beat in God of War Ragnarok

1) Thor


The burly-looking pot-bellied Thor in God of War Ragnarok is a far more accurate depiction of the God of Thunder from Norse mythology than Chris Hemwsworth's well-trimmed, fancy-looking portrayal in the Marvel universe.

Thor is technically the first big boss to fight in God of War Ragnarok’s, and takes place right in the first chapter, Surviving Fimbulwinter, and it’s a serious duel of attrition.

Thor inflicts a lot of damage in this fight, and the worst part is that Kratos is intitially devoid of his gear and skills. Players solely have to rely on their skills in unarmed combat in the first phase. Things even up a bit in the second phase where they can take several well-aimed swings with their Leviathan Axe at Thor to win the fight.


The second boss fight with Thor takes place in the end game of God of War Ragnarok. This time around, it’s a much more serious duel that is divided into four phases. Kratos finds himself surrounded by an impenetrable ice arena, and for this match, Thor comes with a bag full of tricks.

In the second fight, Thor launches a few unblockable attacks, such as throwing his electrified hammer at Kratos, which pack quite a punch. The Norse god also launches himself into the air and smashes the ground, generating an unavoidable shockwave. These are a couple of Thor attacks that make this boss fight particularly difficult.

2) Nidhogg


Nidhogg is an incredibly giant mythical Nordic version of a dragon and it comes with a massive health pool. It serves as the final boss fight preventing Freya from visiting her childhood homeland in the Vanaheim realm.

As the standing Guardian of the Nine Realms, Nidhogg is a formidable foe and forces players to be constantly on the move in the battleground. It possesses a terrifying AoE attack that renders Kratos' shields and armor useless. Dodging and counter-attacking in the open makes it a particularly difficult boss fight. Players must be particularly wary of Nidhogg's tail through which it shoots a powerful laser beam.

Patience is the key to win the battle against Nidhogg, and eventually as the duel progresses along, Freya will start giving Kratos hints on when to attack. This particular boss fight is designed for players to be calm and collected in their approach.

3) Garm


A spectacularly giant wolf possessing massive teeth, chains, and jaws, players come across this beast from the Helheim realm while searching for the last piece of Odin’s mask in the 12th main quest of God of War Ragnarok’s storyline.

Garm will certainly test players’ patience and skills to the limit. Mostly, the giant wolf will try to take chunks out of Kratos through his bites. However, they should also be wary of his chain attacks that have the potential to drain their HP.

A difficult feature of this boss fight is that long-range moves are of no use, and players have to rather rely on hitting Garm in the face when he closes in. He will desperately try to launch a flurry of reckless attacks, and it is advisable to dodge these and only then move on to end this brutal boss fight.

4) Heimdall


Taking on Heimdall is one of the most intense boss fights in God of War Ragnarok. Part of the main campaign, he gets introduced in the 13th chapter of the storyline through a wonderful cinematic scene.

Heimdall’s steed is a terrifying white tiger with horns, and needs to be primarily watched out for during the first phase of the fight. One particular move that players must be careful of is Heimdall’s Fury Strikes. It’s a powerful strike of the horn, and is an unavoidable attack at close range.

After Kratos deals with Heimdall's ride, the second phase of the boss fight initiates. The Norse god is extremely nifty, and initially the battle becomes nigh impossible for Kratos to score any successful blow against him.

Players will have to rely on their Draupnir Spear for most of this encounter to achieve any success against Heimdall. The fact that he can magically grow a cut-out arm is a scary proposition to face in itself.

5) Odin


The ruler in Norse Mythology, Odin All-Father is the worthy final boss in God of War Ragnarok. As a result, he comes up with an incredibly huge health bar, which makes this duel the most difficult one in the game.

The final boss fight in God of War Ragnarok is divided into three phases, and unlike Thor, Odin comes off as a trickster. He has a bag full of magical spells and tricks at his disposal to confuse players. He also has plenty of AoE attacks up his sleeve, which include a powerful earth-shattering maneuver.

As the last boss to fight in God of War Ragnarok, Odin will force players to use all the powerful skills and combos that they have learned throughout the storyline to overcome him.

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