Best tips to improve the Queen Charge LavaLoon in Clash of Clans

Tips for the Queen Charge LavaLoon in Clash of Clans (Image via Supercell)

Queen Charge Lavaloon in Clash of Clans is regarded as one of the most potent strategies, especially for higher Town Hall levels. Mastering this tactic requires intense planning, precise execution, and the ability to adapt mid-battle. With the correct army composition, featuring the Archer Queen, Barbarian King, Freeze Spells, Rage Spells, and other supporting units, players can execute this attack successfully.

This article provides some tips to help you effectively carry out the Queen Charge LavaLoon in Clash of Clans.

Few tips for the Queen Charge LavaLoon in Clash of Clans

Archer Queen attacks using her bow and arrow (Image via Supercell)
Archer Queen attacks using her bow and arrow (Image via Supercell)

Here are the relevant tips for executing Queen Charge LavaLoon in Clash of Clans:

  • Identify key targets like the enemy Queen, Town Hall, Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers, and Scattershots.
  • Start your Queen on the side where she can eliminate critical defenses and the enemy Queen.
  • Use a Balloon to check for Seeking Air Mines before deploying Healers to protect them.
  • Deploy Wall Breakers to open walls carefully, using Rage Spells in Clash of Clans if needed.
  • Keep Freeze Spells handy to neutralize single-target Inferno Towers or strong defense clusters targeting your Queen.
  • Rage your Queen and Healers when facing heavy fire to maintain their health and destructive power.
  • Use other troops, like your King and a few Balloons, to create a funnel and guide your Queen towards the intended targets.
  • If the Queen veers off the path, use additional troops to correct her course.
  • Deploy Lavahounds toward air defenses to tank for your Balloons.
  • Spread Balloons in a line behind the Lavahounds to cover a wide area and maximize damage.
  • Use the Stone Slammer in Clash of Clans to target strong defenses or sections of the base where the Balloons and Lavahounds might struggle.
  • Use Haste Spells to speed up your Balloons to critical defenses like the Town Hall or multi-target Infernos.
  • Freeze high-damage defenses, especially when your Balloons cluster up.
  • Use the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability to protect your Balloons during key moments, such as when approaching the Town Hall or Scattershots.
  • Deploy cleanup troops like minions and additional Balloons as your main attack progresses to clear remaining buildings and secure the three-star victory using the Queen Charge LavaLoon in Clash of Clans.

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