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Chef in GTA V: All you need to know

(picture credits: GTA Wiki Fandom)
(picture credits: GTA Wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan
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Trevor Phillips is perhaps one of the most iconic characters in all of GTA's history and is one that has sparked a lot of debate, controversy and discussion. However, his enterprise: Trevor Phillips Industries, also comprises of some interesting characters, one of whom is Chef.

An accomplice of Trevor, Chef, is an expert level gunman who can be recruited into the player's crew during Heists in GTA 5. He is one of the best gunmen and takes a relatively small cut.

Chef's namesake is derived from his prowess when it comes to cooking meth for Trevor and their thriving industry down in Sandy Shores. Not much is known about Chef and his past, other than the fact that he is a competent individual who happens to have a lot of talent for both weaponry and cooking meth.

Chef in GTA 5: All you need to know

Chef first appears in GTA V Story Mode during the mission 'Trevor Phillips Industries' as he and Trevor both hold off the Aztecas from destroying their meth operation as retribution. Chef proves himself as a capable gunman by holding his own alongside Trevor during the assault.

After a point, Chef becomes available as a Gunman to be recruited for Heists. He is the best choice as his take percentage isn't as high as Gustavo, but his skills are more or less the same.

"Eh, think about my buddy, Chef, okay? Consummate professional."

— Trevor Philips


Chef also appears in GTA Online in the mission 'Meth'd Up' as well as during 'Series A- Steal Meth'.


  • Being known as Chef is maybe a reference to the character Phil "The Chef" Bushey from Stephen King's novel Under The Dome, as Bushey also cooks and samples his own batches of meth in the book.
  • Even though he's unlocked as a gunman from the Paleto Score onwards, he's not available to hire for The Bureau Raid, probably out of loyalty to Trevor.
Published 02 Aug 2020, 18:03 IST
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