Destiny 2 and the political tension beneath the Endless Night 

Destiny 2 Misraaks's Tale of the Saint (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Misraaks's Tale of the Saint (Image via Bungie)

The Last City in Destiny 2 saw the Darkness arrive in the form of an unusual Vex invasion. With the threat of them engulfing the only human settlement, the Vanguard allied with the House of Light by sheltering them within the city. Their objective is simple: Work with the Guardians to help clear out the simulation by using Sacred Splicers and hack into The Outer Nexus.

Here, the term "Sacred Splicer" is the gauntlet given to the Guardians by Mithrax at the start of Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer. The "Outer Nexus" is a vex simulation that can be accessed via Override and Expunge missions.

Destiny 2 The Traveler (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 The Traveler (Image via Bungie)

The primary decree of the main Vanguard is to allow the Eliksni and humans to coexist within the Last City. This, however, has been distasteful to the people and the authorities of the Future War Cult, especially Lakshmi-2.

The main idea behind the Future War Cult has always been about aiding the Last City and its people from unforeseen calamities. Lakshmi-2 has seen a grim future for the people and Guardians.

Being wary of an enemy faction, she has decided to form a coup and select a new leader within the Vanguard to protect the people.

Days beneath the Endless Night in Destiny 2

1) The Eliksni

The Fallen, or Eliksni in the native tongue, was once a proud race bathing in the light of "Great Machine". This same Great Machine abandoned the four-armed humanoid races and settled on earth under a new name called, "The Traveler".

The Eliksni have survived ever since by scavenging loot off anyone they could find, thus making them common enemies for all races across the solar system. Upon finding their Great Machine on Earth, the newly titled "Fallen" vowed to take back the planet from the humans, thereby making them long-term rivals for times to come.

Destiny 2 The Eliksni race (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 The Eliksni race (Image via Bungie)

With the Eliksni being the city's current ally, it has faced chaos, disagreement between the two races, questions about the Vanguard leadership and changes in the lives of a few people.

2) The Crow

The Awoken Prince, Mara Sovv's brother Uldren Sovv, has been the center of attention since the release of Beyond Light. After being revived and losing all his memories, his mind has been chaotic searching for answers to his past.

Zavala and Uldren (Image via Destiny 2)
Zavala and Uldren (Image via Destiny 2)

The Vanguard, despite knowing about Uldren's deeds, chose to stay silent for his own good, causing him to go in circles. He has proven his loyalty to the Eliksni within the Last City's walls in Destiny 2.

The Crow once stood in front of thirty lightless humans who were looking to sabotage the Eliksni shelter, sacrificing to befoul his own hands. He has also saved the life of Commander Zavala from an assassin during their exchange with Empress Caiatl in the epilogue of Season of the Chosen.

3) Lakshmi-2

Representative of the Future War Cult in Destiny 2, Lakshmi-2 is an Exo on the Consensus. Members of this cult are known for their prowess in the military and for their secrecy.

Being an avid believer in fate and time, Lakshmi-2 has seen the Darkness and the Vex invading the Last City as a result of siding with the Eliksni.

Consequently, she decided to overthrow the Vanguard by forming a coup and electing a new leader who will serve the people of the Last City rather than another race of aliens and enemies of humanity.

Lakshmi-2 (Image via Destiny 2)
Lakshmi-2 (Image via Destiny 2)

After failing her mission, Lakshmi-2 had no choice but to brace for whatever the Guardian and the Vanguard held for the Last City. She conversed one final time with Osiris, talking about "accepting changes" as they will be fighting a bigger enemy. The conversation ended with Lakshmi-2 saying:

This is just a flash of lightning before the coming storm.

4) Misraaks, The Kell of Light

Bungie has been hyping up Misraaks, or Mithrax: Kell of Light, since Year 1 of Destiny 2. Guardians were given a choice at the end of the quest, "Enemy of my Enemy" to either defeat the Fallen Captain or spare him. The latter triggered another quest that led to the "Zero Hour" for the exotic pulse rifle, Outbreak Perfected.

Fast-forward four years and Mithrax is back again to aid the Vanguard and the Guardians to help clean out the Vex simulation, or the endless night on the Last City in Destiny 2. Kell of Light was evacuated along with Eliksni civilians from Europa at the request of Ikora in Season 14.

Destiny 2 Mithrax: Kell of Light (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Mithrax: Kell of Light (Image via Bungie)

After dealing with the last remaining threat inside the main domain, the Eliksni and the people of the Last City slowly learned to co-exist with each other. Saint-14 also built an unusual friendship with the House of Light leader.

At the very end of a lore entry, Saint-14 said the following words to Kell:

Thank you Kell of Kells. You are a true friend.

To which Mithrax replied:

"Go well Saint. Find your Lost Phoenix."

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