How to obtain the Raptor of the Mists Ash of War that increases I-frames in Elden Ring

Obtaining the Raptor of the Mists Ash of War in Elden Ring (Image via Elden Ring)
Obtaining the Raptor of the Mists Ash of War in Elden Ring (Image via Elden Ring)

Each of the Ash of War in Elden Ring brings something new to the table and allows players to try out a number of builds and playstyles to deal with some of the more difficult content in the game.

The Tarnished can make their build incredibly versatile with some of the skills that the game has to offer, and the Ashes of War can offer both damage and utility to overcome some of the hardest obstacles in the RPG.

When it comes to dodging out of tricky situations and improving the dodge-eye I-frame massively, the Raptor of Mists Ash of War has become one of the best skills in the game for those who are either going for a Strength, Dex, or Quality (maxing both Strength and Dex) build.

The ability allows the player to, “duck into a low stance, momentarily vanishing. If an enemy attack connects, avian wings will allow for a quick escape into the air.” Making it incredibly useful in a lot of encounters during both PvE as well as PvP.

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However, the Ash of War is something that the Elden Ring community is having a bit of trouble coming across. Hopefully, today’s guide will be able to help them get their hands on the skill.

Obtaining the Raptor of the Mists Ash of War in Elden Ring


The Raptor of the Mists Ash of War is given as a reward for completing a portion of an NPC’s questline in Elden Ring, which is one of the reasons why many players have overlooked it and were not able to get their hands on the skill during their initial playthroughs.

It is Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s questline that players will need to progress in order to obtain the Ash of War.

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Hence, to get their hands on the Report of the Mists, the Elden Ring Tarnished will need to:

  • Players will first meet Yura very early on in the game, in Limgrave itself. By just heading to the overpass northeast of the Seaside Ruins, they will be able to spot him under the ruins, and all the tarnished will need to do is go up to him and interact with him, this questline will start after exhausting his dialogues.
  • From there, they will need to head up the river to Murkwater Cave, where they will be invaded by Bloody Finger Nerjus. It will be an extremely difficult fight early on, however, Yura will spawn soon after and help you take the enemy down. Players will get one of the best Dex-Bleed weapons in the game, Reduvia, for their efforts.
  • After taking the invader down, they will then need to move further north in the river and come across him again, where he will be stationed close to some jellyfish. So once again, the Tarnished must talk to him again and exhaust his dialog.
  • The next time players will meet Yura will be near the main Academy Gate Site of Grace in Raya Lucaria, which is towards the north of Liurnia of the Lakes. There on the broken bridge, they will see a blood stain, interacting with which will teleport them to another instance of the area where they will find the NPC fighting a finger.
  • After helping Yura take down the enemy, the Elden Ring Tarnished will be automatically gifted with a Rune Arc, a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and the Ash of War: Raptor of the Mists.

It’s important to note here that while the exceptional amount of I-frames makes the Raptor of the Mists an incredibly potent skill, it does not necessarily make one invulnerable to damage after the initial proc.

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The airborne players will not gain any invulnerability or hyperarmor, and will very much be susceptible to damage. Hence it’s advised to use the skill at the most opportune moments.

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