Elden Ring Leyndell guide: How to get through the Royal Capital

Getting through the Royal Capital Leyndell in Elden Ring (Image via Elden Ring)
Getting through the Royal Capital Leyndell in Elden Ring (Image via Elden Ring)
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Elden Ring’s Legacy Dungeons are massive, and it’s quite easy for players to get lost inside the platforming mazes that FromSoftware has so lovingly created in their latest RPG.

Leyndell, the Royal Capital, is one such dungeon that players have been having an incredibly hard time dealing with.

Friendly Elden Ring tip: If Margit gives you a tough time, go exploring, grow stronger, and you'll eventually be victorious.

The area is massive, and the community is finding it rather easy to lose themselves as they wander for hours trying to get through the capital.

Hopefully, today’s guide can look to help players out by giving them an idea as to the objectives of the dungeon and the key areas that they need to go through to easily maneuver around the city.

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Getting through Royal Capital Leyndell in Elden Ring

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Meandering through the puzzle that is Elden Ring’s Leyndell is no cup of tea, and while the area is designed to be difficult, players can make their time easier in the dungeon by following some of these steps:

  • After reaching the Capital Rampart Site of Grace, the Tarnished will need to make their way to the northeast corner of the dungeon, where they will see a flight of stairs to the left that leads to a lift. After using the contraption, they will move up and can then continue their path forward, through two doorways until they reach a room filled with benches. After turning south, they will find two sets of stairs going up, using which they will come across another Site of Grace.
  • Using this site as their center, they can now properly venture out into the city, and for the time being need to make their way southward until they find an enemy blocking their path. Players can either choose to defeat the large enemy or simply move past it by jumping over the barrier to the right and then jumping down to the rooftop below. After platforming across some more rooftops, they can drop down to the street once they reach the tower with a yellow steeple. They must then proceed southwards till an enemy drops down in front of them, but instead of dealing with the enemy, they can just run past it and activate the Site of Grace just behind.
  • Elden Ring fans can now descend the set of stairs nearby and continue till they reach a dragon statue, which they will need to hop on top of. More platforming will be required at this point, and they will now need to follow the edge of the wing heading south until they reach the statue's main body. After this, they must ascend the wing towards the west, then head south until they see an item drop below, which is where they need to get off the statue.
  • Players will now find a ladder placed on the other side of the item, then keep moving ahead until they reach another Lost Site of Grace. There, they can descend down another flight of stairs kept beyond it, and then look for a barrier on the right that has a broken section. After going through that and heading west, they will finally find a gigantic tree root.
  • Players will be able to travel on the root, which is the path that directly leads to a boss fight. Beating this boss will form another Site of Grace which the Tarnished will need to activate. They must then move atop another gigantic root which should lead them to a platform above. Then following the path ahead, they will eventually reach the final boss of the area. Players will be able to complete the Royal Capital Leyndell once they defeat this boss.

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Platforming across elevated planks and rooftops is a great way to easily get around Legacy Dungeons in Elden Ring. Venturing down the more common path might make things unnecessarily complicated, and in certain areas like that in the Royal Capital, it’s better to just move past some of the mobs and activate the multiple Sites of Grace.

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