FIFA 22 Ones To Watch Tracker: How to track OTW cards in the game?

How can OTW cards be tracked on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team? (Image via Sportskeeda)
How can OTW cards be tracked on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team? (Image via Sportskeeda)

EA Sports unveiled the first Ones To Watch (OTW) team for FIFA 22 shortly after the game's worldwide release on October 1, 2021. The second team was revealed a week later, on October 8.

Ones To Watch cards have been an exciting feature in Ultimate Team since its introduction in FIFA 17. Essentially, players receive bonus ratings on their upgradeable OTW card if they perform well in real life. 29 OTW cards have been released in the form of two teams since the release of FIFA 22.

FIFA 22: What are Ones To Watch (OTW) cards and how to track them in Ultimate Team

Ones To Watch (OTW) cards are tradeable player cards from the Ultimate Team that receive an upgrade if certain conditions are triggered. Only players who changed clubs over the summer will receive an OTW variant of their base card.

That being said, FIFA 22 is lucky to have Cristiano Ronaldo (91) and Lionel Messi (93) on this year's OTW players list.

How to track OTW Cards

The latest feature to be added to OTW is the wins-to-watch factor. This requires players to keep track of the real-life performance of the clubs that these 29 players represent.

It's certainly difficult to keep up with the schedule of various leagues around the world. Futbin is an online FIFA 22 database with a tracker feature set up for Ones to Watch player cards.

OTW Tracker is available on futbin along with an RTTK tracker (Image via FUTBIN)
OTW Tracker is available on futbin along with an RTTK tracker (Image via FUTBIN)

Ultimate Team players can conveniently see the selected player's progress in their domestic league and how it reflects on their OTW card in FIFA 22.

How do OTW cards get upgrades?

As seen in previous editions of FIFA, OTW cards can get upgrades if the player receives an in-form item in Ultimate Team. If a player gets an in-form card for Player of the Month (POTM), Man of the Match (MOTM) or Team of the Week (TOTW), his OTW card will receive a boost in ratings.

In addition to the standard method, FIFA 22 has a newly implemented system that gives the player an additional bonus of +1 ratings in their OTW card if their club manages to win five out of their first ten league matches.

How to obtain OTW cards

Ones to Watch cards are tradeable cards and are hence available for purchase in the transfer market. However, the cost varies heavily depending on the player's real-life performance.

Players who ordered the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22 have received a bonus OTW card, while both OTW teams were available to the player base as player packs for a week since their release.

Certain players like Eduardo Camavinga, Anderson Talisca and Myron Boadu were available as limited time SBCs for players to complete.

OTW upgrades so far

So far, only a handful of players have received upgrades to their OTW cards. Manuel Locatelli and Anderson Talisca received +2 point upgrades to their stats, taking them to 84-OVR. Memphis Depay received a boost from 85 to 86 OVR.

AC Milan's Fikoyo Tomori remains the only player to complete their quota of 5 wins required to earn a +1 boost in their OTW.

Romelu Lukaku, Donyell Malen and Dayot Upamecano, among a few others, are just one win away from earning a bonus point.

Anderson Talisca, Leon Bailey, Danny Ings and Marc Cucurella are yet to find their first win of the season in their domestic league.