Final Fantasy XIV update 6.25 release date and time: New quests, Relic weapons, and more

Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV's next major patch is coming this month, and here's what to expect (Image via Square Enix)

The latest Live Letter from the Producer for Final Fantasy XIV has come to an end, providing a wealth of interesting information. It primarily addressed the 6.25 update that will be coming to the game soon. Video game producer Naoki Yoshida was present as usual and spoke about several different topics. From game balances to the title's upcoming mechanics, Yoshi-P let fans know what they can expect to see in the latest update.

What can Warriors of Light expect? The beginning of the next Relic Weapon quest, the more Hildibrand quests, dungeon variations, and so much more.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.25 is coming soon and bringing tons of content with it

Major updates like this one always give Final Fantasy XIV fans something to be excited about, and the 73rd Live Letter from the game's producer was no exception. Perhaps the most important news here is that fans won’t have to wait long for patch 6.25 of Final Fantasy XIV as it will release on October 18, 2022. As for the release time, it will likely go out overnight, so that players will have access to it early in the morning on October 18.

Fans, in addition to all of the interesting in-game changes, also learned that the North American data center will be getting an expansion. A new data center, Dynamis, will be arriving on November 1, 2022, and is expected to have 4 servers at launch, namely Halicarnassus, Maduin, Marilith, and Seraph. These servers can expect housing lotteries to begin on November 5, 2022.


Currently, there is no information if this will require a 24-hour maintenance period. Players will have to keep an eye on their in-game announcements to see if that’s the case as the launch date approaches.

Based on the recent event, 6.25 will be packed with content to keep Final Fantasy XIV players engaged and satisfied. Moreover, the next part of the always-comical Hildibrand questline will be arriving, titled “Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures”. As of now, it’s unclear what that will entail, but it may likely be connected to the next part of the patch.

Each Final Fantasy XIV expansion has a series of quests, Relic Weapon Quests, which create powerful weapons, one for each class. As the expansion continues, additional parts to this questline will be added to enhance those weapons. The upcoming 6.25 update will see the very first step being taken for a new questline.

On top of that, job balances for PVE and PVP can also be expected in this update. Presently, there's not a lot of details available about this yet, but it is expected to be a big part of the patch.


This Final Fantasy XIV's expansion’s Relic weapons are Manderville relic weapons, and so it’s likely that players will first need to complete a few Hildibrand quests. Traditionally, the first step is the easiest. In Shadowbringers, players could skip the brunt of the first quest after completing it once. That way, they can just turn in the required item to receive their weapon for all other classes. Hopefully, that will be the case in this expansion as well.

Additionally, another Beast Tribe is coming as well, the Omicron Beast Tribe. The robots from the end of the expansion now have their own beast tribe, and it will only be for Disciples of the Land. It will be an excellent way for players to get experience and other rewards through their gathering classes.

The Variant Dungeons and Criterion Dungeons will also finally be debuting in this expansion. Variant dungeons will be level 90 variable-difficulty dungeons for 1 to 4 players. Depending on how many allies you bring, the dungeon varies in difficulty. They also have branching paths and a variable progression route. In these dungeons, players will be accompanied by an NPC.

Criterion dungeons are similar in nature, but far more difficult to complete and require four players. These dungeons will have different enemy packs and no NPC to accompany and aid the party. To make it more challenging, there are a limited number of revives, and normal resurrection abilities will not work.

Another major announcement was that the Final Fantasy Fan Fest will be an offline event once again. Las Vegas, Nevada will be the first stop from July 28-29, 2023, before moving to London, UK on October 21-22, 2023, and ending in early 2024 for Japan.

Finally, it was confirmed that All Saint’s Wake, the game's Halloween event, will return this month, kicking off on October 19, 2022. No other details were provided, but more information should arrive soon. Final Fantasy XIV fans won’t have to wait too long for exciting and challenging new content since all of this begins on October 18, 2022.