Fortnite's "Toxic community, excessive collaborations and stream-snipers": The community on what they dislike about the game

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
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The Fortnite community has experienced toxicity in the online gaming realm since its inception. However, nothing can be compared to the current state of the game in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

Fortnite has a massive influence over youngsters with its ever-growing narrative. This makes players particularly vulnerable to online toxicity and clout-chasing trends.

Currently, the community has reached its tipping point as the in-game toxicity, and clout-seeking behavior from youngsters is ruining the game.

Top reasons why gamers do not like Fortnite


On the surface, numerous aspects could be improved in Fortnite. However, experts claim that the real problem lies in the community-developer interaction or the lack of it thereof.


Several popular gamers have isolated themselves from Fortnite. Even household names like Turner "Tfue" Tenney, Jack "Courage" Dunlop, Nicholas "Nickmercs" Kolcheff, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins only return to the game once in a blue moon.

Fortnite has been accused of toxicity in the past, but nothing compares to the current frustration within the Fortnite community.

#1 - Continuous collaborations

Epic Games have collaborated with icons of pop culture in the past. They were introduced in Fortnite as an outfit as well. However, in recent seasons, the game has taken a turn for the worse in terms of design.

From Aquaman to Iron Man and the Mandalorian, Epic is trying to create a rich multiverse to extend their narrative. However, this grand design is affecting the Fortnite community adversely.

The recent outburst with the Kratos outfit coming to Fortnite proves that Epic is taking the collaboration idea too far.

While players love a new outfit or two, continuous collaborations have turned Fortnite into a popular culture fest, which has altered the game's dynamics. Along with these characters came the concept of overpowered exotic weapons, which according to many, do not have any skill requirement.

Many in the Fortnite community are urging Epic to keep the collaborations at a minimum. Perhaps, restricting them just to cosmetics would be enough.

#2 - Stream-snipers

Who wouldn't want a clip of build fighting and eliminating Ninja, Bugha, or Clix, right? That is the sort of attitude which has given birth to a toxic generation in Fortnite.

In truth, most of these stream-snipers are huge fans of the iconic streamers. Their mission is to get one clip of eliminating their favorite or popular streamer at any cost.

By doing this, they propagate a toxic culture and end up ruining the streamer's gameplay. This has become a recurring phenomenon in Fortnite, and it has to be addressed soon.

While Epic has put in several measures to tackle these issues, educating these youngsters would be better than banning them from Fortnite. Encountering a stream-sniper in Fortnite has become a regular occurrence for streamers.

Popular streamers and pros that quit Fortnite have complained about this for a long time. It's unlikely that they will come back until things are fixed.

#3 - Community-developer interaction

Speaking of things that need to be fixed in Fortnite, the community-developer interaction definitely tops the list. Ever since the patch notes stopped, players have complained about numerous issues popping up randomly in-game.

Epic has constantly stated that players will be encouraged to play the game and try the new weapon changes themselves, rather than reading about it in the patch notes.

Some Fortnite community experts believe that gamers will never get to know what is new in the game without the patch notes.

Glitches and bugs are part and parcel of designing video games. They pop up every time something new is added. Without proper knowledge of these additions, Fortnite gamers feel like they've been left in the dark.

#4 - Skill-ceiling for new players

Fortnite has turned into a household name since its inception. Children and teenagers love playing the game, and the player base is growing steadily. However, the disparity in the skill-level often initiates toxic interactions.

There is a visible gulf in class between a new Fortnite player and a 12-hours-a-day veteran. Under any circumstances, matching them in the same lobby wouldn't be logical.

Due to the abundance of tutorial videos and complex strategies, new players forget to grasp the basics first. They try to deal with complex ideas like piece control before properly building a 1*1 box in Fortnite.

Often, new players receive abuse when someone with a higher skill level eliminates them. This sort of behavior sets a poor example and propagates the toxic culture in Fortnite.

#5 - Competitive toxicity

It is impossible not to mention the rivalry that goes on between pros. From cheating accusations to last-minute team changes, the competitive Fortnite community has been through it all.

In recent months, numerous pros considered quitting the game because of the low prize pools. However, Epic turned things around for the best by announcing a $20 million FNCS in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

The bigger prize pool naturally rouses players to give their best performance. Presumably, there will be several more "cheater" allegations to follow during the FNCS.

Based on the moderations implemented in recent tournaments, this season promises to deliver one of the best FNCS of all time.

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