Genshin Impact 2.5 patch notes: Everything new in the update

Genshin Impact 2.5 will focus on Yae Miko quite a bit (Image via miHoYo)
Genshin Impact 2.5 will focus on Yae Miko quite a bit (Image via miHoYo)
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miHoYo released several versions of Genshin Impact 2.5's patch notes, so it's worth glossing over.

The patch notes don't contain every individual aspect of Genshin Impact 2.5. However, it includes all of the relevant parts that Travelers will see at the beginning of the update. This summary will go over what miHoYo has officially unveiled through their patch notes, particularly the most important topics related to:

  • New characters
  • New equipment
  • New events
  • New main story
  • New enemies
  • Other additions
  • Adjustments & optimizations

Genshin Impact 2.5 officially goes live on February 16, 2022 (although it will be February 15, 2022 in some parts of the world).

A look at the Genshin Impact 2.5 patch notes

Dear Travelers,View the full notice of the Version 2.5 update "When the Sakura Bloom" and the update compensation here >>>…#GenshinImpact

New characters


The only new character in Genshin Impact 2.5 is Yae Miko. She is a five-star Electro Catalyst user who has three charges of her Elemental Skill. That Elemental Skill summons a Sesshou Sakura, which attacks nearby foes.

Her Elemental burst detonates all Sesshou Sakuras for extra damage. She will be available on February 16, 2022.

New equipment

Hello Travelers! Today, Paimon wants to introduce you to the brand-new weapons that will be appearing in Version 2.5 Wishes! Let's take a look~(Examples of the following weapons based on Level 90 and Refinement Rank 1)#GenshinImpact

There are two new weapons. First, Kagura's Verity (a five-star Catalyst), which has the following effect:

"Gains the Kagura Dance effect when using an Elemental Skill, causing the Elemental Skill DMG of the character wielding this weapon to increase for 16s. Max three stacks. This character will gain All Elemental DMG Bonus when they possess three stacks."

Second, Oathsworn Eye (a four-star Catalyst) has the following effect:

"After using an Elemental Skill, Energy Recharge is increased for 10s."

Kagura's Verity will be available through Epitome Invocation. In contrast, Oathsworn Eye is a reward from the Three Realms Gateway Offering event.

New events

"Three Realms Gateway Offering" Event: Take part and obtain the event-exclusive weapon, Oathsworn Eye (Catalyst)During the event, you can obtain Oathsworn Eye (Catalyst) and its refinement materials, and rewards such as Crown of Insight. #GenshinImpact

The first major event for Travelers in Genshin Impact 2.5 is the Three Realms Gateway Offering. They will explore a different version of Enkanomiya and Light Realm Sigils will upgrade their Bokuso Box. This event will feature the standard rewards (Primogems, Crown of Insight, etc.) Oathsworn Eye is one of the unique rewards exclusive to this event.

Three Realms Gateway Offering lasts from February 17, 2022 to the end of Genshin Impact 2.5. Requirements include:

  • Adventure Rank 30+
  • Chapter II: Act II: Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow
  • Erebos' Secret

New main story

Travelers who reach the required Adventure Rank and complete the prerequisite quests will be able to use a Story Key to unlock Raiden Shogun's Story Quest "Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act II."#GenshinImpact
Travelers who reach the required Adventure Rank and complete the prerequisite quests will be able to use a Story Key to unlock Yae Miko's Story Quest "Divina Vulpes Chapter."#GenshinImpact

There are two new Story Quests:

  • Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act II - Transient Dreams (Raiden Shogun)
  • Divina Vulpes Chapter: Act I - The Great Narukami Offering (Yae Miko)

Both Story Quests require the player to be Adventure Rank 40+. Raiden Shogun's Story Quest also requires:

  • Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act I - Reflections of Mortality
  • Chapter II: Act III: Omnipresence Over Mortals

Yae Miko's Story quest necessitates that the player completes Raiden Shogun's second Story Quest.

New enemies


There are two new enemy types to mention. First is Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto, a new weekly boss located at Narukami Island. The second enemy type includes Shadowy Husks, which includes three versions:

  • Standard Bearer
  • Line Breaker
  • Defender

The Shadowy Husks have a gimmick where they will receive buffs if they attack shielded characters.

Other additions

Yae Miko's namecard (Image via miHoYo)
Yae Miko's namecard (Image via miHoYo)

Genshin Impact 2.5 will include new recipes:

  • Inazuma Shimura's: Sangayak
  • Udon Noodles

It will also feature new Namecards:

  • Celebration: Binge Vessel (From Of Drink A-Dreaming)
  • Yae Miko: Kitsune Dreaming (Friendship Level 10 with Yae Miko)
  • Travel Notes: Awakening (Battle Pass)

Like with previous updates, Genshin Impact 2.5 will also feature new achievements.

There are also some new Furnishings:

  • Leisure Device: On the Pulse
  • Sub-Space Cabochon: In Soaring Flight
  • A Mask

Wanderer's Advice will also be available through the Realm Depot.

[2.5 Live] Spiral Abyss InfographicsThe amount of enemies are unknown as I can't check that atm. The older ones are assumed the same from beta and the new additions are labelled as "?" to represent thatCheck reply for F12

Floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss will feature the following Ley Line Disorders:

"All characters in the party gain a 60% Electro DMG Bonus. All party members gain 30% Healing Bonus."

Floor 12 includes:

"For this floor only, the ley line flow will be normal."

Phase 1's effect (Lightning Moon) is:

"When opponents take Electro-Charged DMG, their Electro RES decreases by 10% for 10s. Max 4 stacks. Each stack's duration is independent. Each enemy can receive this effect once every 1.2s."

Phase 2's effect (Godcall Moon):

"When the active character's Normal Attacks, Charged Attacks, Plunging Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts hit an opponent affected by Electro, a shockwave is created at that opponent's position, dealing True DMG. A shockwave may be produced in this manner every 2s."

Adjustments & optimizations

Genshin Impact 2.5's official artwork (Image via miHoYo)
Genshin Impact 2.5's official artwork (Image via miHoYo)

Genshin Impact 2.5 will feature several optimizations related to UI, audio, and filters. One of the more significant changes is to the World Quest, When the Trail Goes Cold. There was no Adventure Rank requirement previously. However, Travelers must now be Adventure Rank 22+ to begin this quest.

Here are some other significant changes:

  • Oz's Chinese voice actor has been replaced
  • Amber, Jean, Mona, and Rosaria NPCs will now use their Alternate Outfits
  • Previous events' cutscenes will be removed to free up space
  • The bitrate for new cutscenes will be 25,000 kbps on mobile devices

There have also been a few dozen bug fixes labeled in Genshin Impact 2.5's patch notes.

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