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GTA 5: Highest-paying Assassination Mission

Image via USgamer
Image via USgamer
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 15 Nov 2020, 10:37 IST

GTA 5 throws plenty of opportunities towards the players' way to make as much money as possible in various ways. Unlike that of Red Dead Redemption 2, where the game economy sort of breaks once the player completes the first Heist, GTA 5's remains steadily challenging throughout.

In GTA 5, the player will never have too much money to purchase potentially everything in the game, but just about enough to keep things interesting. However, there is one set of side missions that, if timed correctly, will help players make a tonne of cash.

This particular set of side missions will help players make a lot of money for all three characters. These missions are the Assassination missions handed to Franklin by Lester that involve eliminating top executives of huge corporations, which directly affects their stock prices in the game's stock market.

Highest-paying Assassination Mission in GTA 5

To make the most amount of money from the Assassination missions, the player must hold off on completing these missions till the end of the "The Big Score." The final Heist in GTA 5 pays a lot of money, and ideally, the player will have the most amount of money at that point in the game.

This way, the players will be able to invest more money in the stock exchange and then be rewarded exponentially more, as is guaranteed by these missions.

The key with the investments is to time it correctly and advance game time by making Trevor sleep, as he sleeps the longest out of the three in GTA 5. After the player has correctly invested their money in previous missions, The Construction Assassination will pay out the highest amount of money.

The player will likely have close to $2.1 billion after the completion of Construction Assassination missions.


Construction Assassination Investment Guide in GTA 5:

Pre-mission preparation:

  • Make sure it's Monday. If not, keep sleeping with any of the protagonists numerous times to advance the time to Monday. (Trevor can sleep for 12 hours)
  • Invest all the money of all three protagonists in Gold Coast stocks on the LCN site.


  • Wait a couple of in-game hours before selling the stocks, so they can reach their maximum value. This one takes about 24 hours in-game.
  • The maximum percentage of return here is about 80%. After reaching this value, it will start to drop. Switch to all three protagonists and sell all their stocks.

Note: Save the game in a different slot before doing this mission, so you can reload if anything goes wrong.

Published 15 Nov 2020, 10:37 IST
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