GTA 5 PC Cheat codes

GTA 5. Image: TechRadar
GTA 5. Image: TechRadar
Modified 29 May 2020

Using the cheat codes in GTA 5 or any other GTA is a guilty pleasure of many players. If you want to rule the streets of Los Santos then you can be assured that the GTA 5 cheat codes will come handy for you. 

Even though GTA 5 has comparatively less cheat codes than the previous GTAs, you don’t have to worry as you can still fine tune your gaming experience to make it the best. Remember, if you main intention is making money in GTA 5 then cheat codes would not help you.

If you want to use cheat codes in GTA 5, all you have to do is remember the code words. If it is too hard for you to remember all of them you can always copy it in your notebook and take a quick glance while playing.

Enter the cheat code. Image: YouTube.
Enter the cheat code. Image: YouTube.

In order to bring up GTA 5’s console just press the tilde key (~) in your keyboard. Now you can enter any cheat you want in this console in capital letters and continue playing the game with renewed gusto.

List of Cheat Codes in GTA 5

Here are all the cheat codes in GTA 5 you can use to make your game more appealing than usual:

PAINKILLER: If you want to become invincible for five minutes.

TOOLUP: In order to get all the weapons.

TURTLE: To boost your health and armour up.

POWERUP: In order to recharge special ability.

CATCHME: For running faster.

GOTGILLS: For swimming faster.

HOPTOIT: For jumping higher.

FUGITIVE: To raise the wanted level.

LAWYERUP: To reduce the wanted level.

DEADEYE: For aiming better.

Tip: You can enter this code up to four times for increasing the accuracy for aiming, but it gets disabled if you mistakenly enter it five times.

HOTHANDS: For exploding melee punches.

HIGHEX: For exploding bullets.

INCENDIARY: For flaming bullets.

LIQUOR: For getting drunk

SKYDIVE: Get a parachute

SKYFALL: Fall from the sky with no chance of using a parachute (press the forward button and try to hit the ground headfirst to survive)

MAKEITRAIN: To change the weather according to your choice.

SNOWDAY: To make the tires of the car, slippery.

FLOATER: Activation of low gravity.

SLOWMO: To play the game in slow motion.

TRASHED: To get a garbage truck

BARNSTORM: To get a stunt plane

BANDIT: To get a BMX bicycle

BUZZOFF: To get an armed helicopter

FLYSPRAY: To get a crop duster plane

HOLEIN1: To get a golf cart

COMET: To get a sports car

RAPIDGT: To get a different sports car

VINEWOOD: To get a limousine

ROCKET: To get a motorcycle

OFFROAD: To get a dirt bike

Published 29 May 2020
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