GTA 5: Principe Nemesis available for Free

The Principe Nemesis in GTA 5
The Principe Nemesis in GTA 5
Rahul Bhushan

GTA V and its online counterpart: GTA Online is packed to the rafters with vehicles, ranging from cars and bikes to military helicopters. The game has never fallen short of giving players enough toys to play with when it comes to vehicles.

Bikes have always been the subject of fascination for a lot of players; they are fast, they are beautiful and some of them are rare. One of the rarest vehicles in GTA Online is the Principe Nemesis.

It is a dual-sport bike, which means that it isn't as fast as a superbike, but can still compete with high-end superbikes. It is described as more of a fast cruiser than a sports bike. The bike is, in fact, so rare that people have devised methods to get this vehicle on the r/gtaonline subreddit for GTA Online.

Read this post by u/A_Talking_Shoe for more details on how to get the Principe Nemesis: reddit post link.

Principe Nemesis available for free in GTA Online

Principe Nemesis
Principe Nemesis

"Super fast, super unshielded. When you're riding a Nemesis, you don't just feel the wind in your hair, you feel it tearing into the back of your eye sockets."- Southern San Andreas Super Auto description

The design of the Principe Nemesis looks like it takes major inspiration from the Ducati Monster.

The Principe Nemesis is available for free on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos Website in GTA: Online right now.

Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Southern San Andreas Super Autos

It is one of the best looking bikes in the game currently. After customization, it is a very competent bike that can compete with higher-end superbikes in the game.

To get yourself a Principe Nemesis, simply follow these steps:

1) Start GTA Online

2) Pull Up Your Phone

3) Go on the Internet and look for Southern San Andreas Super Autos Website

4) Filter for Motorcycles

5) The Principe Nemesis will show up as available for $0.

Edited by Utkarsh Rampal
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