GTA 5 Secret Car Locations: Space Docker, Type Z, and more

Image via GTA wiki Fandom
Image via GTA wiki Fandom
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GTA 5 is an impressive feat in game development. Rockstar was at the height of their powers and went all-out with the level of detail in GTA 5. This is especially true for the vehicles in the game. GTA 5 was packed to the brim with an extraordinary number of vehicles, all of which were unique.

However, the best part about GTA 5 comes not from the number of cars in the game or the player's ability to buy cars off of the in-game internet. Rather, the best part of vehicles in-game is hunting down an extremely rare car by the way of collectibles or infiltrating a military base to nick one.

GTA 5 leaves no room for complaint when it comes to cars and all sorts of other vehicles one can find in the game if they were to look hard enough.

GTA 5 Secret Car Locations and Collectibles

1) Space Docker- Collect all Spaceship Parts


The Space Docker can be unlocked by Franklin by completing the side mission given to the player by "Omega" in Sandy Shores. The Space Docker will become available in GTA 5 once the player has collected all 50 Spaceship Parts.

2) Z-Type


Can be bought from Legendary Motorsport in the game.

3) FIB Buffalo


Spawns near the Grand Senora Desert around 10:00 AM.



Right behind the FIB Buffalo

5) Mini-Sub


Comes free with the purchase of the Docks.

6) P-996 Lazer Jet


Can be found in the Hangar in Fort Zancudo. Venturing into Fort Zancudo will immediately raise the wanted level in GTA 5.

7) Quad Bike


Can be found in Sandy Shores or bought from SSA Super Autos for $8,000.

8) Sandking


Can be founding Vespucci Beach or bought from SSA Super Autos for $45,000.

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