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GTA 5: Where do you find all the spaceship parts?

(image credits: GamesRadar)
(image credits: GamesRadar)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 09 Oct 2020, 14:51 IST

GTA 5, for a game that came out in 2013, still holds up quite impressively in 2020, nearly 7 years after its release. Not only is it able to hold up well, but it also manages to attract new fans.

What separates the GTA franchise from the rest of the open-world genre is its unique identity. Rockstar has been the trail-blazer when it comes to writing in video games, and has crafted a unique brand of satire with the GTA franchise.

From parodying political ideologies to poking fun at pop culture, no stone is left unturned when it comes to GTA. In addition to all of this is the goofy aspect of GTA.

One such goofy element is the collectible spaceship parts. Finding 50 of these will unlock a mission upon which's completion you will gain access to Omega's garage, and you will be able to acquire the Space Docker Rocket Car in GTA 5.

GTA 5: Location of all Spaceship Parts in Los Santos and County

  1. Grand Senora Desert South West
  2. Grand Senora Desert, trailers
  3. Grand Senora Desert West
  4. Sandy Shores, Theme Park
  5. Sandy Shores, White Rocks
  6. Alamo Sea
  7. San Chianski Mountain Range
  8. Grapeseed
  9. Mount Chiliad
  10. Paleto Bay
  11. Paleto Bay Fire Station
  12. Paleto Fire Station
  13. Plaeto Bay Western Shore
  14. Raton Canyon
  15. Cassidy Creek
  16. Mount Josiah
  17. Zancudo River
  18. Zanncudo River shore to the South
  19. Tonva Valley Waterfall
  20. Tongva Hills Vineyard
  21. Tongva Hills Cave
  22. Banham Canyon
  23. Richman Glen
  24. Vinewood Hills Observatory
  25. Vinewood Hills Eastern Lake
  26. Vinewood Hills South
  27. Rockford Hills Golf Course
  28. Burton, Empty Pool on Rooftop
  29. Burton, Rockford Plaza
  30. Richards Majestic
  31. Vespucci Canals
  32. Downtown, top of Penris building
  33. Downtown, Underground Train System
  34. Textile City
  35. Strawberry
  36. Davis
  37. Rancho
  38. Los Santos International Airport
  39. Elysian Island, Long Pipe
  40. Elysian Island, Near the docks, underwater
  41. El Burro Heights
  42. Pacific Ocean
  43. El Burro Heights Oil Station
  44. Murrieta Heights
  45. Land Act Reservoir Wooden Dock
  46. Land Act Reservoir, Sewer Pipes
  47. Tataviam Mountains
  48. Grand Senora Desert
  49. Grand Senora Desert, abandoned house
  50. Grand Senora Desert, right before the Great Chaparral
  51. Ron Alternates Wind Farm
Published 09 Oct 2020, 14:51 IST
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