GTA 6: 5 Celebrity Cameos fans would love to see

(picture credits: CCN)
(picture credits: CCN)
Rahul Bhushan

The GTA franchise is no stranger to the occasional appearance of a huge celebrity in the game. Over the years, the GTA franchise has featured some of the biggest names in modern pop culture and media.

Prominent actors like Samuel L.Jackson and Ray Liotta have been part of the cast of previous GTA games in major roles. However, there are several celebrity cameos in the GTA games that have never failed to impress the fans.

With GTA VI reportedly in early development, the internet has been buzzing with speculation regarding the next game. Here are a few celebrity cameos fans would absolutely love.

5 Celebrity Cameos fans would love to see in GTA VI

5) Kevin Hart

(picture credits: Tim Ferris)
(picture credits: Tim Ferris)

There have been only a handful of comedians who have been as successful as Kevin Hart. He has performed stand-up comedy in arenas, which is rare for comedians. He is also one of the most popular actors working today, and several of his films have been extremely successful.

One of the funniest personalities in modern-day media and pop culture, fans would love to see Kevin Hart make an appearance in the next GTA game.

4) Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

(picture credits: sportcasting)
(picture credits: sportcasting)

The highest-paid actor in Hollywood currently has successfully made the transition from pro-wrestling to acting. There are only a handful of celebrities who have the instant likeability as that of Dwayne Johnson, and he has been one of the most famous personalities of today.

Fans will inevitably lose their collective mind if The Rock, himself makes an appearance in the next GTA game. His comedic timing, charisma and unparalleled skills on the mic make him a formidable presence in anything he chooses to appear in.

3) Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise as Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder (picture credits: entertainment weekly)
Tom Cruise as Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder (picture credits: entertainment weekly)

Many people might forget that Tom Cruise, apart from being one of the best action stars of today, is also hilarious. His cameo in Tropic Thunder as Les Grossman is still, to this day, one of the best cameos in the history of cinema.

The veteran actor is one of the most revered personalities of today, and his inclusion in the GTA franchise as Les Grossman-like villain would truly send the fanbase into a frenzy.

2) Kanye West

(picture credits: vanity fair)
(picture credits: vanity fair)

There are only a few musicians and personalities that have reached the level of success of Kanye West. Being responsible for revolutionizing the sound of hip-hop not just once, but several times, Kanye West's influence on music and media cannot be denied.

Although his antics have gotten him in hot water from time to time, his eccentricity and energy would fit right in with the GTA franchise.

1) Cillian Murphy

(picture credits: wallpaper access)
(picture credits: wallpaper access)

There are only a handful of modern-day characters as famous as Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders. The actor is known for his roles in indie cinema as well Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight franchise as well as Inception.

He established himself as one of the finest actors working today with his brilliant performance as the ruthless and fierce Thomas Shelby in the hit TV-show Peaky Blinders.

With crime at the centre of the franchise, Cilian Murphy's appearance in the GTA franchise as a menacing gangster would make for some brilliant fan reactions.

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