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GTA 6: 5 characters from previous games that the fans would love to see 

  • GTA VI will reportedly be set in the 1980s in Vice City, according to reports from Kotaku.
  • This opens up the possibilities of younger versions of known characters to make an appearance in the game.
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Modified 28 Jun 2020, 19:01 IST
(picture credits: whatculture gaming)
(picture credits: whatculture gaming)

Rockstar has remained tight-lipped about any information regarding GTA VI. Recently, Kotaku released a report as part of an investigation into Rockstar Games regarding their work culture.

The report is the most substantial source of information regarding the GTA franchise. It stated that as of April 2020, GTA VI was in the early stages of development.

This means that the game is likely to launch way further down the road. However, the internet has been rife with speculation. The reports suggested that the game will be set in the 80s and will feature Vice City as the primary location.

The 80s setting means fans can expect to see younger versions of popular characters from the previous games, as the franchise has been known to have characters make a return in other games.

Top 5 Characters fans would love to see in GTA VI

5) Ken Rosenberg

Ken Rosenberg in GTA Vice City
Ken Rosenberg in GTA Vice City

The fast-talking, substance-abusing lawyer is one of the most endearing characters ever in the GTA franchise. Teetering on the lines of being almost annoying, Ken Rosenberg has perfected his charm to a tee.

Being one of the protagonist's staunchest ally, Ken Rosenberg is one of the most loyal characters in the GTA franchise. If the game is set in Vice City, Rosenberg is sure to make an appearance as the city's most corrupt lawyer.


4) Tony Prince

Tony Prince is also in GTA Online
Tony Prince is also in GTA Online

While GTA IV looked to go down a more serious road, its single-player expansion: The Ballad of Gay Tony took a more light-hearted approach. Tony Prince is a legendary nightclub owner who started his run back in the 80s.

Tony is one of the most likeable and funny characters of GTA, and fans would love to see Tony make an appearance as a much younger version of his character.

Seeing how Tony would be starting his career as a nightclub owner in the 80s, players would be able to form an alliance with him and help him grow.

3) Martin Madrazo

(picture credits: pcgamer)
(picture credits: pcgamer)

Martin Madrazo is one of the biggest drug lords from Colombia, who had settled down in Los Santos during the events of GTA V.

It is eluded that Martin and his father were a formidable presence in the 80s, and given how scary Martin can be in the game, it will be great to see his rise in the 80s as a younger version of himself.

2) Trevor Phillips

Trevor in the prologue of GTA V
Trevor in the prologue of GTA V

Not much is known about Trevor's past apart from him being kicked out of the Air Force, citing mental stability issues. However, a younger version of Trevor in the 80s will be a sight to see.

A version of Trevor that has not yet made it big in the world with his narcotics and gun-trade, and just as a low-level criminal would be great to see in GTA VI.

1) Tommy Vercetti

Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist of GTA Vice City
Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist of GTA Vice City

Even though the game will likely be set in Vice City during the 80s, it has not yet been confirmed as to what time period it will be set in. If the game is set after the events of GTA Vice City, then Tommy Vercetti is the one who rules the city.

After rising to the top of the Vice City underworld, not much had been revealed about his fate. Finding out how Tommy Vercetti's story ends in Vice City is sure to be one of the main attractions of GTA VI.

Published 28 Jun 2020, 19:01 IST
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