GTA 6: 5 gameplay changes that fans demand

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Rahul Bhushan

It has been an age-old adage, and not just in gaming that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". However, Rockstar Games and the GTA franchise have not reached the pinnacle of AAA gaming by resting on their laurels.

Rockstar Games has been a pioneer in the open-world genre and innovated in many aspects. The core structure and formula for the GTA games have been quite similar.

The GTA games are still excellent, and are worth every cent of their $60 price tag. However, there are some complaints players have had with the GTA games that could be addressed in the franchise's next outing, GTA VI.

5 gameplay changes that fans demand from GTA 6

5) More Character Cutomization

GTA Online had a great character creation suite
GTA Online had a great character creation suite

The GTA franchise has always excelled in giving the players enough customization options when it comes to apparels and haircuts. However, none of the games (bar GTA Online) have given the players the option of developing their own protagonists.

This would be a great idea for Rockstar games to explore, as the lack of a female protagonist in the GTA franchise has not gone unnoticed. This will give the players a more immersive experience, and they will be more attached to the story of the game.

4) Improved Combat

The combat of the GTA franchise has been adequate at best
The combat of the GTA franchise has been adequate at best

Although there isn't anything blantantly broken about the GTA combat system. The cover mechanic works adequately, guns are punchy enough, and the desired effect is adequate.

However, the constant aim-assist on consoles make the game a completely different experience. The player character in GTA V feels less mobile and doesn't feel as responsive as other games.

Shooting mechanics in previous Rockstar games such as Max Payne 3 were done very well, and the mobility and aiming mechanics were second to none.

3) Player Choice

Player choice is rarely afforded to the player
Player choice is rarely afforded to the player

The GTA games have been known to give player choices in the story from time to time. The latest being the third act of GTA V, where Franklin must choose between 3 different choices, leading to radically different endings.

Perhaps more branching storylines would be a welcome addition for the fans, as each player might get to experience a different aspect of the game entirely.

While we don't expect Rockstar to give the GTA franchise the full Quantic Dream treatment, more player choice is always appreciated by the fans.

2) More RPG Elements

The GTA franchise has experimented with leaning into some RPG elements such as maintaining health and putting on muscle mass by going to the gym. They stripped off most of these after GTA San Andreas.

Perhaps bringing back some of those RPG elements would result in a much more ambitious game.

1) More Freedom in Missions

"Playing a GTA game almost feels like two different games", popular Youtuber NakeyJakey in a video about GTA explained how the game's open-world design is in stark contracts to the scripted missions.

While you are free to do anything you want in the open-world, your choices become limited during the scripted mission sequences. Giving the players freedom to approach a mission in any way they want would be a breath of fresh air for the franchise.

Edited by Utkarsh Rampal
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