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GTA 6: 5 things Rockstar should learn from Red Dead Redemption 2's map

Image credits: microsoft
Image credits: microsoft
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 12 Oct 2020, 16:45 IST

Red Dead Redemption 2 was quite a statement from Rockstar Games, as the company proved it can still create culturally relevant games after GTA 5. Many have also often pointed towards the former as one of the best maps in open-world games.

The next GTA game from Rockstar has a tonne of expectations riding on it, with many expecting the publisher to put up another masterpiece. 2018's Red Dead Redemption 2 has been a resounding success, and the studio can take a lot of learning from the game's map.

A few aspects that Rockstar can borrow from Red Dead Redemption 2's map for GTA 6

1) Dedicated home base

One of the critical aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2 that made it such a great experience was the campsite. Dutch and his gang move from place to place in search of better work and more money, and the campsite is a place for Arthur and the player to hang out and interact with the characters and NPCs present.

More than merely a cool gimmick for Rockstar to show off the amount of work it put in to create multi-dimensional characters, the campsite becomes a great way to immerse the player in the game. He/she can choose to help out the camp by putting in money and helping the gang flourish.

This sort of social hub to interact with NPCs and characters would be great for the next GTA. Previously, in GTA Vice City, players had the Vercetti Estate to visit from time to time as the home base.


A similar element in the next GTA game would be much appreciated. It would also serve as a base for the player to invest his/her resources in and see visible changes to the aesthetic. This provides a great way to help the gamer get immersed in the game world by allowing ownership and control over an element of the world.

2) Random Encounters

Random Encounters have always been part of both Red Dead Redemption and GTA, but the sequel to Red Dead indeed took it to the next level. From time to time, players would often encounter enemy NPCs or other characters out of nowhere, and be plunged into an impromptu mission of sorts.

Encounters like these were perhaps one of the best aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2 and truly made the map feel like it had surprises at every corner. Because the GTA franchise takes place mostly in urban landscapes, Rockstar can experiment in many ways with regards to NPCs surprising the player.


Unpredictability adds a lot of tension to exploration in the open-world, and truly makes the game feel exciting at every turn. It also opens up avenues for the player to create memorable moments organically.

3) Bounty system

The Bounty System, in theory, is a great idea and helps add a lot of weight to the player's actions. Essentially, it is in place to ensure that each decision and activity of the player has consequences.

In the GTA franchise, if the player can evade the police for a few moments, he/she can get off scot-free, which isn't necessarily the most realistic depiction of a police hunt.

If the player's actions are severe enough, they could then be hunted down by the police force until the heat dies down. Essentially, it means that if the player causes havoc regularly, the police will always be on the prowl for him/her.

This would create an interesting dynamic where the gamer must plan out their actions and not just lash out whenever they feel like. While this would create a more restrictive experience, those seeking a challenge would love the addition of such an element.


4) Breathing room

The map of Red Dead Redemption 2 is massive, but it isn't merely just filled with urban settlements and small towns. There are plenty of stretches of farmlands or mountainsides and valleys, which not only adds a lot of character and topographical diversity, but also allows the player to take a breather.

The pacing of any game is essential to its quality, and GTA has been able to pace its games quite well. The presence of large stretches of lands where the player can take a breather, or hide from cops, is always a nice addition.

Players could seek out places like this when trying to evade cops and letting the heat cool off.

5) Freedom of choice


Both Red Dead Redemption and GTA are open-world games with plenty of emphasis on exploration. The expansive open-world presents a tonne of opportunity for the player to explore, and encourages a non-linear style of play.

However, both have been extremely linear when it comes to the missions. Many have cited that GTA ends up feeling like two different games at times, because on the one hand, it has an extremely non-linear open-world.

On the other, it forces players to follow a strict, linear path regarding missions, lest they be hit with a "Mission Failed" screen. This makes the experience feel very on-rails and restrictive, which is what neither Red Dead Redemption or GTA should ever be.

Allowing players to utilize the game's systems and maps to complete missions should be an endeavor that Rockstar must work towards.

Published 12 Oct 2020, 16:45 IST
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