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GTA Online: 5 best businesses to buy in November 2020

Image via Rockstar Games support
Image via Rockstar Games support
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 16 Nov 2020, 17:05 IST

GTA Online can be an extremely daunting challenge as players are thrown into the world with little to no direction as to how to go about making money. However, it doesn't take long to figure out that players must own a business to move up.

Each business in GTA Online requires some investment in a property, after which players can start managing inventory and selling off products and cargo. There are many businesses to pick from, and here are some that can earn gamers the most amount of money.

GTA Online: 5 best businesses to buy in November 2020

1) Import/Export (Vehicle/Cargo Warehouse)

Import/Export remains the most profitable business in GTA Online, and the grinder's favorite, since players can start with a decently-sized investment and get back the money and make a profit soon.

Ever since the business first became available in GTA Online, it has been highly-sought-after amongst the players. To get started, they must first own a Cargo Warehouse or a Vehicle Warehouse, or both.

It has the highest amount of money that a gamer can make per hour in GTA Online, making it one of the most attractive businesses in the game.


2) Bunker

The Bunker business is especially attractive to GTA Online players as they can choose to steal all their supplies, for selling, without ever completing a single supply mission. While they can still do supply missions as they aren't particularly difficult, stealing supplies makes for a higher profit margin.

The Bunker business is a lot of work but definitely rewarding, as it can net the player a decent profit. Also, there are many customization options in the Bunker, and it provides a lot of other services that are useful to the player in GTA Online.

3) Nightclubs


Owning a nightclub, in addition to being everyone's fantasy, is also a great source of money in GTA Online. Players can even have a resident DJ to spin out those hip-and-happening tracks each night at their club and rake in massive amounts every night from the regular nightclub income.

However, most profit gets generated through the basement, where the player can run several illegal activities in GTA Online. The nightclub provides good support for other businesses, such as counterfeiting, weed, and meth from the MC Businesses.

4) MC Businesses

This is by far the easiest business to get into, as it doesn't require too much money to get into, for a clubhouse can be bought for relatively cheap amounts. Keeping up decent numbers through the various businesses available, such as weed and meth, results in the player raking in loads of money by the hour.

It is also pretty cool to have an MC Clubhouse that players can customize.

5) Air Freight


Air Freight is a great business to get into if a player is more adept and keen on flying rather than driving and completing missions. It provides an excellent incentive to take to the air time and time again while also making a bucketload of cash.

Air Freight requires players to buy a Hangar, which starts from $1 million. Gamers should ideally wait for a discount on Hangars and Cash and RP boost on Air Freight Cargo to get into the business.

Published 16 Nov 2020, 17:05 IST
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