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GTA Online: 5 best cars to customize in 2020

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 16 Nov 2020, 11:10 IST

Customizing a player's ride is the ultimate sign of ownership in GTA Online and is essentially an extension of the users' personality. The car could be donned in the brightest shade of pink to pierce onlookers' eyes or a stealthy matte-black to move like a G in silence, like lasagna.

GTA Online gives players a host of options for customization, and custom paints are only the beginning. From body kits to spoilers and even rims, GTA Online leaves no stone unturned when giving players an expansive customization suite for their vehicles.

While gamers can always purchase a top-of-the-line luxury vehicle and go to town in it, picking a relatively cheap car and putting in work feels more rewarding. Here are some of the best vehicles they should look to customize in GTA Online.

Five best cars to customize in GTA Online

1) Penumbra FF

"Here at Maibatsu, we get it. In these trying times, it can be really hard to commit to a color scheme for your classic, mid-noughties racecar. So we're working in partnership with LS Customs to provide a livery for anything life can throw at you. Bad hair day? There's a livery for that. Stuck upside down in your rhinestone gravity boots? There's a livery for that. Dad screaming you were a mistake long into the night again? You guessed it. The Penumbra FF. Adding yet more color to an already colorful existence."

― GTA Online description


2) Elegy RH8

"Born in the fires of Mt. Fuji and tested on some German toll road, you can finally legally own this legendary supercar without the fear of having your door kicked in by the FIB because they'd rather crush import cars than catch terrorists."

― GTA Online description

3) Karin 190Z

"The Karin 190z changed the world. If European marques harbored any residual sense of innate superiority, this is the car that crushed it utterly and forever. More elegant than the most refined Grotti, classier then the suavest Ocelot, as perfectly engineered as any Pfister, the 190z was a cup of piping hot sake in the face of fifty years of complacency."

― GTA Online description

4) Torando

"You never forget the first time you sit behind the wheel of a mint condition Declasse Tornado: that effortless class, that shameless bulge in your pants or wetspot on the seat, that dawning certainty that you're still going to be crawling up this gentle suburban hill fifteen hours from now. Still, with our help, onlookers will be so floored by your paint job they won't even take a Snapmatic selfie in front of the impressive smoke clouds coming out your hood."

― GTA Online description

5) Vulcar Fagoloa

"Admit it. You took one look and assumed this was just a typical 50's station wagon - and you weren't wrong. But look again at the magnificent box styling, the stance so low you couldn't slide melted butter underneath it, the faint afterglow of casual bigotry, and ask yourself: where did it all go wrong, and fifty years later how the hell did we end up driving SUV's? It's not nostalgia. Things really were better."

― GTA Online description

Published 16 Nov 2020, 11:10 IST
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