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GTA Online: 5 best cars for drifting after Los Santos Summer Special update

(image credits: gta5mods)
(image credits: gta5mods)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 25 Aug 2020, 19:03 IST

GTA Online is the epitome of a chaotic virtual playground where players get to blow things up, race supercars, and rain down gunfire from a rocket-powered motorcycle. The chaos that ensues in GTA Online is truly a magnificent thing to behold.

Among all the bullet shells, smoldering vehicles, and rocket launchers exists a rather niche set of players obsessed with one particular thing: drifting. GTA Online, much like other games with racing, allows players to perfect the art of drifting with several cars suited for the purpose.

There are many cars specially built for drifting, and players have spent hours upon hours testing out the understeer capabilities of several of them in GTA Online.

Here are the community's picks for 5 of the best cars suited for drifting in GTA Online.

Five best cars for Drifting in GTA Online in August 2020

5) Willard Faction

A lot of people might underestimate the Faction for its drifting capabilities, given its nature as a muscle car. But people often forget that muscle cars tend to have a very high acceleration with minimal traction, and can players can often lose the rear quite quickly through turns.


However, once players learn to control the rear, the car feels great to drift with. The Willard Faction is also priced quite moderately in GTA Online.

However, there is a learning curve attached to drifting properly without spinning out in muscle cars, and players must practice enough to perfect it.

4) Dewbauchee Rapid GT

A visually appealing car that packs quite the punch underneath its glossy exterior, the Deewbauchee Rapid GT is a drift-machine of the highest order. One of the more reasonably priced sports cars in GTA Online, the Rapid GT is an excellent car for drift enthusiasts.

The car feels a bit heavy around the corners, but timing the handbrake and gas pedal efficiently will result in a very comfortable and easy-to-handle drift.

3) Benefactor Schwartzer


The Benefactor Schwartzer is possibly the car with the most comfortable learning curve, and the perfect car for players to learn the wonders of drifting with. While it won't be tearing down highways anytime soon in GTA Online, it is sure to leave sick tire marks all over the street.

The Benefactor Schwartzer is one of the most commonly found cars in GTA Online, and players sometimes won't even have to buy one. Steal one off the streets and start practicing drifting, it's as easy as that.

2) Banshee 900R

Considered by many to be the most robust car for drifting, the Banshee 900R is an absolute favorite for fans of drifting in GTA Online, and players hold it in high regard.

It can also be upgraded significantly in Benny's Original Motorworks, making it not just a car great for drifting, but a multitude of other purposes.

1) Karin Futo


Fans of the anime Initial D flocked to the Karin Futo like moths to a fire and let it rip on highways and mountainous areas as fast as they could. The Karin Futo is the stuff of legend in the drifting community of GTA Online.

The Futo is the least expensive car on the list and built specifically for drifting. It is simply the best car to learn how to drift correctly without completely losing the rear.

Published 25 Aug 2020, 19:03 IST
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