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GTA Online: 5 best low-level missions to level up quickly

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Image via Screenrant
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 17 Nov 2020, 13:47 IST

GTA Online can be quite daunting, with all the Opessor MKII's flying about and players receiving a call every four minutes informing them about jobs. It can be confusing at first, but it doesn't take long to find a footing in the game.

The best way to go about making some quick cash and ranking up quickly in GTA Online is to go to Gerald right out of the gate. He is a new player's best friend, as he has some of the easiest missions in-game and provides decent cash and RP.

By doing these missions, players can get to a decent rank in-game and perhaps start completing Heists and eventually set up their businesses.

Top five low-level missions in GTA Online to increase rank faster

1) Flood in the LS River

Unlocked at Level 6

Going to Gerald for the first few missions in GTA Online is an excellent way to get started and rank up quickly in-game. The tasks aren't particularly tricky, and players should be able to rush through them quite easily.


The payout is generally determined by how quickly gamers can complete the mission by achieving all the objectives. If there are targets to kill, they must do so soon and meet the remaining objectives.

However, in missions like "Flood in the LS River," players can make a run for it as it does not require them to kill targets. The objective is to "Steal the Meth" and "Deliver" it to a specific location on the map.

This should be no problem, and players can plow their way through the enemies. The upside to the mission is that that they can complete this Solo in GTA Online.

2) Pier Pressure

Unlocked at Level 6

Another one of Gerald's missions, "Pier Pressure," shouldn't be a problem completing and is relatively easy to earn a generous payout at the end, even on Hard. The mission involves the same objectives as the one mentioned above.


The player(s) must steal the meth and deliver it to Gerald's apartment without obviously dying in the process. Gerald's missions in GTA Online serve as a great introduction to the game without being too much of a challenge and teach the players basics of Contact Missions.

This can also be completed Solo or with the help of four players in GTA Online.

3) No Hay Bronca

Unlocked at Level 8

By the time players have completed the above two missions, they might be well over the Level 8 mark and can also have a crack at "No Hay Bronca" in GTA Online.

This is slightly more elaborate work from previous missions as it has several objectives involving the usual stealing of meth and delivering it to Gerald. But then, players have to go into gang territory and destroy their vehicles, eliminating their leader.

This might be a little more extensive but is still a far cry from the most challenging mission in GTA Online, and should prove only a little challenging. Cash and RP gained is also dependent on how long it takes for players to complete it.


4) Death Metal

Unlocked at Level 6

This is also a pretty standard affair and involves stealing narcotics and delivering it to Gerald's apartment. By this time, players would have figured out a quick way to complete these standard stealing and deliveries, and therefore, they should be no challenge at all.

GTA Online incentivizes players to rush through these missions by playing fast and aggressively. The best way to go about these tasks is for players to get their hands on an armored vehicle and rush through enemies without being affected by gunfire.

5) Gassed Up

Unlocked at Level 12

This job could prove slightly challenging at Hard, but it should be absolutely no problem on lower difficulties. GTA Online's impressive range of weaponry allows players to truly let chaos reign, but merely running through these missions is the best way to go about doing them.


While players can ensure that they tuck themselves behind cover and complete the mission methodically, it will result in a lower payout. Speed is vital during Contact Missions, and the faster they can get through the grind, the better it is.

This mission also involves stealing and delivering Narcotics, bound to become a routine activity for GTA Online players.

Note: The missions listed here are the writer's personal opinions, and what may seem easier to one may not be the same for another.

Published 17 Nov 2020, 13:47 IST
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