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GTA Online: 5 most expensive muscle cars in November 2020

Image credits: Adviser, youtube
Image credits: Adviser, youtube
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 06 Nov 2020, 16:43 IST

GTA Online wouldn't be half as fun if not for the muscle car category. These gas-guzzling beasts are some of the best cars in the game and usually available for fairly reasonable prices.

They are the cars to go to when players are low on cash but still need rides with decent performance. However, the muscle cars below are for the ones who have plenty of money to throw around.

Some of these cars in GTA Online can be customized to fit weapons, significantly driving up their prices.

Five most expensive muscle cars in GTA Online

5) Vapid Clique

"In the '50s, the Vapid Clique was one thing an anxious parent didn't want to see pulling up outside the white picket fence on prom night. That haze of postwar confidence and unfiltered cigarette smoke meant only one thing - and you could be sure its intentions were not honorable. This lovingly reconstructed model brings modern power and modern reliability, without losing a single drop of the dog whistle bigotry that makes this car the classic it is."


- GTA Online description

Price: $909,000

4) Albany Manana Custom

"The Manana is the kind of history they don't put in the books. It's the story of every other drive-by and drug deal ever to take place in Los Santos, and there's only one man who can write the next chapter. Benny knows this build down to the last millimeter, he knows how to do it justice, and he knows that taking a power hose to the inside of the trunk is always job one. Eligible for customization at Benny's Original Motor Works."

- GTA Online description

Price: $925,000

3) Declasse Drift Yosemite

"You've customized your other Yosemite so it's a flame-liveried, chrome-engined, four-wheeled hole in the ozone layer and you don't think it can get any more ridiculous? Well, hold my beer. The Drift Yosemite turns a classic pickup truck into some kind of nightmare beast with an insatiable appetite for asphalt. Arrive on the track and other racers will run in fear. Drive it on the road and watch mouths open in awe. A mad genius redesigned this bad boy from the ground up and all you need to do is hand over your credit card."


- GTA Online description

Price: $1,308,000

2) Declasse Weaponized Tampa

"Back in the 60's a heavy muscle car with a reinforced frame seemed like a great idea because of all the drunk driving you needed to do. Still, perfect though it seemed, a part of you whispered the car was missing something - and trust us, when you see that sturdy foundation supporting a top-mounted minigun the final piece of the jigsaw is going to slot right into place. Throw in some industrial-grade armor and the Tampa will finally have achieved its full potential."

- GTA Online description

Price: $2,108,050

1) Imponte Ruiner 2000

"It's better looking than you. It can fire machine guns and rocket launchers more accurately than you. It can jump higher than you and it's always got a parachute. Your mother prefers its company to yours. You know what they say: if you can't beat it, own it, and pray people don't notice that all your belongings are cooler than you are. Note, the production model of this vehicle has a reduced missile capacity."

- GTA Online description

Price: $5,745,600

Published 06 Nov 2020, 16:43 IST
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