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GTA Online: 5 fastest off-road cars after the Los Santos Summer Special update

(image credits: gtawiki fandom)
(image credits: gtawiki fandom)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 27 Aug 2020, 13:33 IST

It feels great to tear down the highway with the fastest sports cars in GTA Online, but there is a certain visceral sense of adventure attached to off-road vehicles.

Driving in dirt roads with uneven topography and jumping off hills in your trusty off-road vehicles cannot be compared. No doubt, players can try and drive their Penumbra FF's and Ocelot Pariahs in GTA Online off-road, but with little to no success.

If driving off the beaten path is your thing, then you must look at these off-road speed demons that also handle pretty great as well.

Five fastest off-road cars in GTA Online

Note: The list is ordered by the Top Speed stat on, which may vary from the game file speed stats.

Notable exclusions: Arena War vehicles, Quads, and Bikes as the list is strictly restricted to cars.

5) BF Bifta


Price: $75,000

Top Speed: 107.25 mph (172.60 km/h)

BF, the fictional manufacturer in the GTA universe, has always specialized in off-road vehicles, and the Bifta is one of the best. Commonly found in areas such as Sandy Shores, the Bifta is capable of handling pretty well through most types of terrain.

The car is compact, and thus, is capable of many small maneuvers that make it an extremely agile vehicle. If an off-road escape is what you have in mind after a Heist, then the Bifta is an excellent pick for you and your crew.

(image credits: gtabase)
(image credits: gtabase)

4) BF Ramp Buggy


Price: $3,192,000

Trade Price: $2,400,000Β 

Top Speed: 113.00 mph (181.86 km/h)

The Ramp Buggy might be one of the best off-road vehicles, and its speed (which is also great) isn't even the main reason for its quality. The Ramp Buggy is capable of sending vehicles flipping through the air, which can be used both offensively and defensively.

As the name suggests, the Ramp Buggy can be used as a ramp to send oncoming cars hurtling through the air or even assist your own teammates by setting up the ramp as a cover for escape.

(image credits: gtabase)
(image credits: gtabase)

3) Canis Kamacho

Price: $345,000

Top Speed: 116.75 mph (187.89 km/h)

The Canis Kamacho is a throwback to the rustic off-road 4x4s of the past and is an insanely cool-looking vehicle. The car comes without the usual bells-and-whistles of luxury cars in GTA Online and is solely built for off-road adventures.


The Canis Kamacho is one of the most appealing cars in the category for its brilliant, minimalistic look and performance.

(image credits: gtabase)
(image credits: gtabase)

2) Coil Brawler

Price: $715,000

Top Speed: 117.75 mph (189.50 km/h)

The Coil Brawler is an impressive piece of machinery that is on the higher-end of the off-road category in terms of price, but backs it up with some decent performance.

By no means the smoothest handling in an off-road car, the Brawler makes itself an appealing buy through its waterproof capabilities. The vehicle is somewhat capable of floating on water, making it a handy vehicle when driving near water bodies.

1) Maxwell Vagrant


Price: $1,328,400

Top Speed: 122.50 mph (197.14 km/h)

"Quit your job. Sell your house. Leave your kids. Choose freedom. The Vagrant from Maxwell Motors - it's an off-road buggy and a lifestyle. Because nothing feels as free as being in a lightweight polyethylene cage hurtling over dunes and tumbling down hillsides. So what if your life expectancy in one of these is measured in minutes - it's time to abandon responsibility and live recklessly."

-Southern San Andreas Super Autos description

(image credits: gtabase)
(image credits: gtabase)
Published 27 Aug 2020, 13:33 IST
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