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GTA Online: 5 fastest SUVs in the game

(image credits: GTA wiki fandom)
(image credits: GTA wiki fandom)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 10 Sep 2020, 12:00 IST
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GTA Online benefits a lot from GTA 5's great driving mechanics, as it allows Rockstar to fill the game with a large variety of vehicles that are fun to drive. While supercars and sports cars are fun to drive around and tear down the highway with, what happens when you need to fit in your crew?

While players can just as quickly hop into their vehicles to conduct a Heist in GTA Online with their crew, it just feels that much better to hop into one SUV and roll out together.

Appointing one Crew member as the designated driver, one whose driving skills are the best among the crew in GTA Online, will eliminate a lot of issues when trying to make an escape.

SUVs are durable vehicles capable of fitting in multiple passengers at once. Once armored, these SUVs are menacing forces of nature, and they're also quite fast.

Here are the fastest SUVs in GTA Online. The Top Speed stat is only taken into consideration. Therefore, some of these SUVs might take longer to reach their Top Speeds. Hence Acceleration should also be taken into consideration.

Fastest SUVs in GTA Online (Top Speed Stats)

source: gtabase

5) Baller LE


Price: $149,000

Top Speed: 108.75 mph (175.02 km/h)

The Baller LE might not be the fastest SUV in GTA Online, but it can surely be one of the most useful vehicles in the game. The Baller LE can be armored, making it one of the most durable vehicles in the game.

The Baller LE is one of the best choices for doing Heists and other Missions in GTA Online after getting it armored up. The car also has decent performance, making it a beneficial vehicle in the game.

(image credits: gtabase)
(image credits: gtabase)

4) Vapid Contender

Price: $250,000

Top Speed: 109.00 mph (175.42 km/h)

The Contender is one of the most visually striking vehicles in GTA Online, given its extended bullbars. The vehicle has very decent performance and a very satisfying roar of the engine.

It shouldn't be a priority when buying vehicles in GTA Online, but it certainly helps the vehicle's case to have a roaring engine sound. The Contender can clear a path through cars better than most other vehicles in its class.

(image credits: gtabase)
(image credits: gtabase)

3) Ubermacht Rebla GTS

Price: $1,175,000

Top Speed: 123.50 mph (198.75 km/h)

The Rebla GTS is one of the favorites of the GTA Online community, given its great performance. More often than not, players are better off with the Rebla than any other SUV on the list.

While it can be bested by other vehicles in its class when it comes to Top Speed, it is not a clear indication of speed and quickness. As Top Speed is analyzed in ideal conditions: straights, without turns.

Therefore, players are much better off using the Rebla during Heists as it is simply the best SUV in GTA Online.

(image credits: gtabase)
(image credits: gtabase)

2) Lampadati Novak

Price: $608,000

Top Speed: 126.00 mph (202.78 km/h)

"No, you didn't misread anything. This is a Lampadati. And an SUV. At the same time. Why? Who can say? But if someone tells you they crossbred a thoroughbred racehorse with a hippo, do you question their motives? No, you buy it, take a selfie with it, throw it in storage, and start bragging to your friends."

-Legendary Motorsports Description

(image credits: GTA base)
(image credits: GTA base)

1) Pegassi Toros

Price: $498,000

Top Speed: 127.50 mph (205.19 km/h)

The Pegassi Toros might be one of the most visually impressive SUVs on this list. It takes inspiration from real-life vehicles such as Lamborghini Urus, Lamborghini Aventador, and Audi Q8.

In addition to being one of the nicer looking vehicles in GTA Online, the Toros also packs decent performance that makes it an extremely appealing buy in the game.

(image credtis: gtabase)
(image credtis: gtabase)
Published 10 Sep 2020, 12:00 IST
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