GTA Online: How to do Air Freight Cargo Missions?

(image credits: GTA wiki fandom)
(image credits: GTA wiki fandom)
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GTA Online, over the years, has evolved into a much different game than it was at the launch. Players who stayed up to date with the game had no problems adjusting to the steady stream of content. However, players returning to GTA Online after a break are often left confused as to how exactly to go about doing things.

A great way to discover everything that GTA Online has to offer in a way that isn't too overwhelming is by paying attention to the Weekly Update/Discounts. Every Thursday, the game is reset and introduces new discounts, podium car, as well as Bonus Cash and RP events.

These missions/game modes will pay out double or triple the amount of RP or Cash than usual during the week. For this week, the Air Freight Cargo missions will pay out Triple RP and Cash.

How to play Air Freight Cargo Missions in GTA Online?


To begin Air Freight Cargo Missions, the player must be an MC President or an Organization Associate/CEO. Air Freight Cargo Missions also unlock Trade Prices in Warstock Cache and Carry.

First things first, the players will need to own a Hangar, and the Air Freight Cargo missions are required to stock up the Hangar with goods to sell. This is one of the most lucrative businesses in the game and can net you a lot of profit this week.

  1. Setup your business through the laptop terminal with "Free Trade Shipping" after purchasing a Hangar.
  2. Select the Supply from your Source menu.
  3. Depending on the location of your Hangar, your mission might be quite far away or nearby.
  4. Finish the objectives of the mission.

Sell Cargo

Once the player has gathered the cargo inside the Hangar, they can export it to the buyers. The missions work very similar to Special Cargo sell missions. The missions vary in structure; however, they all involve dropping and delivering packages across Blaine County and/or Los Santos.

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