GTA Online: How to unlock secret drunk missions in Diamond Casino

(picture credits: gamerevolution)
(picture credits: gamerevolution)
Rahul Bhushan

GTA Online's Diamond Casino update brought with itself several changes to the game, including the titular Diamond Casino. The Casino is a trendy place for GTA Online players and holds many secrets amidst all the gambling and indulgence.

One of the prerequisites you need, to discover a particular secret about the Diamond Casino, is to be black-out drunk in GTA Online. However, not just anywhere, but in specific locations in the game, and it is seemingly triggered randomly.

There are a couple of secret missions of the Diamond Casino that are unlocked as a direct result of your GTA Online protagonist's drunken adventures. To unlock the missions, you will simply need to drink a lot.

These missions are reportedly triggered randomly, and there is no fixed amount of drinks you will need to get before the mission is triggered.

How to unlock secret Diamond Casino missions in GTA Online

Damage Control

To get started with the 'Damage Control' Mission, you will need to visit the main bar in the Diamond Casino, or your Penthouse (in case you've purchased one).

The Penthouse is always the better option, as it allows you to revisit the bar quickly as you wake up from your drunken stupor.

  1. Visit the main bar in the Diamond Casino or Penthouse.
  2. Order a MacBeth Whiskey Shot
  3. One-shot is enough to make you black-out drunk.
  4. Once you wake up in a random location, return to the bar and order again.
  5. Return to the main bar
  6. Repeat until you receive a phone call from Ms Baker

Ms Baker will then inform the player that they have stolen a delivery truck while under the influence. The secret Casino Work mission will then trigger, and you will need to transport the delivery truck to the Casino before the time limit expires.

Under the Influence

This one is more deliberate than the 'Damage Control' mission and is easily triggered. For this, you will need to visit any bar in GTA Online and order several drinks.

But keep in mind, you must avoid being black-out drunk. Therefore, do not order the MacBeth Whiskey shot.

  1. Once you've ordered enough drinks and the GTA Online protagonist is sufficiently intoxicated, call Ms Baker.
  2. Select 'Request Work' option
  3. The 'Under the Influence' Mission will be triggered right after
  4. Repeat if not triggered

In this mission, the player will need to deliver a specific vehicle to the Casino. The catch is that the vehicle is on the Police's Wanted list. Therefore, you will need to avoid several squad cars in GTA Online and drunkenly deliver the vehicle.

Edited by Utkarsh Rampal
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