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GTA Online: List of flying cars/vehicles in the game

Image credits: gtawiki fandom
Image credits: gtawiki fandom
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 02 Oct 2020, 21:05 IST

One of the biggest draws of the GTA games was the sheer number of cars and vehicles available. As the franchise grew in size, the types of vehicles also became diverse, as a result.

There were now aerial vehicles such as planes and helicopters in these game. However, it was GTA Online that truly allowed Rockstar Games to let its creativity run wild. To further dwell into the fun and ridiculous nature of video game escapism, the publisher added a bunch of typically ground vehicles that were capable of flight.

GTA Online has a couple of cars/vehicles that that can fly through the air, and one vehicle, in particular, has been the bane of many in the game, with some even calling for it to be banned.

Flying vehicles/cars in GTA Online

Pegassi Oppressor MKII

"The Oppressor Mk I was a landmark in hybrid vehicle design. Well, the Mk II takes off where its little brother landed — and never comes down. This is about the closest you can get to throwing a saddle on a rocket engine, bolting on some optional heavy artillery, and pressing the big red button."
"Please note: This vehicle can only be modified at the Specialized Workshop inside a Terrorbyte."

―Warstock Cache & Carry description

The bane of of GTA Online players, as mentioned above, the Oppressor MKII never fails to live up to its namesake. This hoverbike can take to the air, making it an extremely elusive target. It is also fitted with weaponry, which means the player is only ever seconds away from being blown to bits.

The Oppressor MKII became a favorite of griefers and other annoying players in GTA Online, so much so that players even started quitting the game due to its presence.

This vehicle can be bought from Warstock Cache and Carry for $3,890,250, but can only be stored inside the Specialized Workshop in the Terrorbyte.

The Deluxo

"The future is here, and it has gull-wing doors. Never again must you choose between the drama of the open road and the majesty of flight. Never again will you feel that lurch of panic as you accidentally drive over a cliff. At the click of a button, you will soar over trees, mountains, sharks, the slack-jawed competition, and anything else you choose."
"Please note: This vehicle can be modified at a Vehicle Workshop inside an Avenger or Mobile Operations Center."

―Warstock Cache & Carry description

Clearly inspired by the DeLorean DMC-12 from the popular film franchise Back to The Future, the Deluxo is a favorite of GTA Online players. Not quite as annoying as the Oppressor, it is a classy buy in the game.

This car can be driven in three distinct modes, with the first being the normal on-ground drive. The second mode allows the vehicle to hover over the street, allowing for better control. The last mode allows the car to fully take to the air and soar over the rest of the GTA Online players.

The Deluxo can be bought from Warstock Cache and Carry for $4,721,500.


"Since the dawn of time, mankind has looked to the skies and longed for a way to hover there, totally exposed, deafened by an unstable mixture of jet fuel and naked flame, idly strafing the rush hour traffic. Well, now that dream has thrust its way, crotch first, into reality. So what are you waiting for?"
"Please note: This vehicle must be stored in a personal facility and can be modified at the Facility Vehicle Workshop."

―Warstock Cache & Carry description

Not so much a vehicle as it is a tool to let the player take to the air without getting into a car or on a bike. The Thruster is essentially a jetpack, very similar to the one seen in GTA San Andreas.

It can be purchased for $3,657,500 from Warstock Cache and Carry.

Published 02 Oct 2020, 21:05 IST
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