GTA Online: Peyote plant locations in 2020

Image credits: TwoDynamic, youtube
Image credits: TwoDynamic, youtube
Rahul Bhushan

Each week, players are introduced to slight changes in the GTA Online formula to keep things interesting. And because it is October, Rockstar Games is bringing several whacky aspects back to the game.

GTA Online also sees the return of a fan-favorite in the form of the peyote plants in a slew of Halloween-themed content. These plants let players essentially turn into a creature of the wild and cause a major ruckus through Los Santos and its neighboring areas.

While the plant is always available in the Story Mode, it is simply that much more entertaining with other players in GTA Online.

GTA Online: Peyote Plants locations in 2020

"To make matters even more bizarre, there are reports of peyote buttons growing wild in the hills, mountains, and backyards of Los Santos – the psychoactive and transformative effects of these unassuming little plants cannot be overstated; devour them at your own risk."

- Rockstar Newswire

These plants were removed from the game earlier, and this time, they are here to stay, according to reports, till April 2021. Therefore, players have a decent amount of time to find and experiment with all 76 of these plants throughout the map.

Image credits: gamesradar
Image credits: gamesradar

If players thought GTA Online lobbies and Freemode were chaotic before, things are only about to get more weird due to the peyote plants. There is nothing quite as hilarious as seeing a player bull-rush another gamer in the form of any of the different animals available in-game.

As there are more than 70 of these plants, players have enough variety to experiment with. Upon approaching or nearing one of these plants, the controller will begin to vibrate, indicating their presence nearby.

Therefore, all that the player needs to do is approach the given locations on the map and use the controller vibration to figure out where the plant is.

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