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GTA Online rumours: Remastered Liberty City and Niko Belic returning in new update

(picture credits: GTA 5 mods)
(picture credits: GTA 5 mods)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 30 Jul 2020, 13:47 IST

GTA Online has been a hotbed for conversation and speculation on the internet for the past few days. After a long wait, fans were finally treated to the news of new updates planned for the game in 2020.

Rockstar is planning to release two updates over the year, with one rolling out in Summer and the other one later this year. The Summer update for GTA Online will be significant but not as big as the later one.

According to Rockstar, the bigger update will bring feature "our latest take on Heists in an entirely new location." This means a couple of things: a new heist and an entirely new location.

However, this rules out North Yankton as it has previously been explored in the Story Mode of GTA V, and hence does not fit the bill for "entirely new location". One of the latest rumours to have sprung up from Reddit is the speculation that the GTA Online will feature a Remastered Liberty City and see the return of a familiar place.

GTA Online Update Rumours: Liberty City and Niko Belic

Comment on r/gtaonline subreddit
Comment on r/gtaonline subreddit

Keep in mind that readers must take this with a grain of salt, as with most speculation on Reddit and other message boards and forums online.

This rumour comes from Reddit user u/markothemexicam, who had previously been correct about GTA V getting a release on PS5 before a GTA VI announcement.

The 'rumour' suggests that Niko Belic from GTA IV will be making a return to the franchise along with the game returning to a Remastered version of Liberty City.

While the user has been correct regarding the next-gen release, it is entirely possible that it was merely a shot in the dark that managed to hit the mark. There is not much credibility to this rumour, and there are several glaring flaws.


For one, Liberty City does not fit the bill for "entirely new location" either, and it is more likely to be simply a new location more akin to the Diamond Casino, rather than a full-scale city.

The game will also be available for the next-gen console and Rockstar are likely to focus their efforts on developing more significant and better elements for the game on PS5.

Published 30 Jul 2020, 13:47 IST
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