GTA Online: Solomon's Location on Map

GTA Online Solomon's Studio
GTA Online Solomon's Studio
Rahul Bhushan

Solomon Richards, a famous movie producer from the GTA universe, makes a return to the game in GTA Online and brings in new collectibles. Solomon was a prominent character who featured in the Story Mode and had a close association with Michael.

Solomon is famous for producing commercially successful films with very little artistic value and mostly considered mediocre. He is introduced to Michael by Devin Weston and together they successfully manage to get his latest film, 'Meltdown' finish production, and released.

He is one of the most likeable characters in GTA V's Story Mode and players eventually expected him to make an appearance in GTA Online, as have several other characters from Story Mode.

After his studio has been broken into and several props from his movies are stolen, he enlists the help of associates and the GTA Online protagonist, in particular, to help him recover his items.

Solomon's Location on the Map

Solomon's Location in GTA Online Map
Solomon's Location in GTA Online Map

There are a total of 10 Movie Props that can be returned to Solomon, and each prop returned will net the player $10,000. This means that the players can earn up to $100,000 by simply collecting the props from all over the map in GTA Online.

Prop Locations:

  1. Meltdown Film Reel- Behind a trash can outside Solomon's Office entrance at Richards Majestic Productions, Backlot City.
  2. WIFA Award- On a table in the back office of Vanilla Unicorn in Strawberry.
  3. Headdress- In the restrooms of Diamond Casino & Resort between two urinals.
  4. Alien Head- On the Beam Me Up mural in Sandy Shores.
  5. Mummy Head- On the porch of an abandoned house off Route 68 in the Grand Senora Desert.
  6. Clapperboard- On a desk in the air traffic control tower on the ground floor, Fort Zancudo.
  7. Monster Mask- On a rock at the west side of the Altruist Camp, Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.

In addition to these seven fixed prop locations, there are three other movie props in GTA Online that have different spawn locations. Some of them are static while others could be on the move, which makes finding them a bit tricky.

Other locations

  • Pony- Parked on the east side of the Epsilon Center, Rockford Hills.
  • Pony- Parked in the parking lot of the Kortz Center, Pacific Bluffs.
  • Pony- Heading north past ULSA on Tongva Drive, Pacific Bluffs.
  • Rumpo- Parked in Simmet Alley, Textile City.
  • Rumpo- Parked outside Darnell Bros., La Mesa.
  • Rumpo- Heading west over the San Andreas Avenue Bridge, La Mesa.
  • Rebel- Heading east past Procopio Truck Stop along the Great Ocean Highway, Mount Chiliad.
  • Rebel- In the parking lot at Willie's Supermarket, Paleto Bay.
  • Rebel- In an alleyway behind The Hen House, Paleto Bay.

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