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GTA San Andreas: 5 cool mods that change the game experience

The vast expanse of the open-world in GTA simply allows more things to be added to the game (Image Credits: Tokitobashi)
The vast expanse of the open-world in GTA simply allows more things to be added to the game (Image Credits: Tokitobashi)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 30 Sep 2020, 10:22 IST

As has become the trend with the modding community, some of the best mods in the gaming community come from the GTA side of things. The vast expanse of the open-world in GTA simply allows more things to be added to the game.

As a result, modders go to town with each GTA game to enhance or completely alter the game experience in a big way. GTA San Andreas is perhaps home to some of the best mods in gaming history.

For a game that came out in 2004, San Andreas continued to receive mods that changed things up in a big way. Therefore, players have a huge catalogue of mods to go through.

Here are 5 of our picks for the coolest mods for GTA San Andreas.

5 cool mods in GTA San Andreas that enhance the game experience

1) Dragon Ball Mod

CJ is a great character and everything but does he have a 'ki blast' that can level an entire fleet of enemy vehicles? Goku does. Players can now take to the streets of Los Santos as their favourite Saiyans with the Dragon Ball mod. This mod gives players the option to play as either Goku or Vegeta and several other iconic Dragon Ball characters.


This is a mod that is purely for fans of the legendary anime and those who are looking to change their game experience in GTA San Andreas. The mod isn't just cosmetic but also adds a ton of gameplay elements such as the aforementioned "ki blast".

Mod Link

2) Car Pack

GTA San Andreas has a ton of cars that players have a nostalgic connection with. After all, the game is nearly 16 years old at this point. However, after a while, players do tend to look for more cars to suit their purposes.

This car pack adds a ton of new vehicles to the game by replacing the old ones with all new skins. The pack doesn't just replace a couple of cars but the entire car collection of GTA San Andreas.


Mod Link

3) San Andreas First-Person Mod

The addition of a first-person perspective in GTA V was met with a lot of approval by the community as it completely changes things up. A first-person perspective allows the player to completely immerse themselves in the game world and experience Los Santos as CJ.

Many studios in the past, such as CD Projekt Red, have explained that a first-person perspective is essential for immersion in games. GTA San Andreas truly feels like a completely different game with this mod despite the somewhat dated graphics.

Mod Link

4) Portal Gun

One of the biggest hits from Valve in the last couple of decades was their innovating action/puzzle game, Portal. The game's intuitive and creative gameplay instantly made it a favourite of the gaming community.


This mod brings the iconic Portal gun to the game that allows CJ to create holes in the space-time continuum to essentially transport objects from one place to another instantly. The Portal Gun opens up a lot of possibility for the player to cause an insane amount of havoc.

Mod Link

5) GTA United

This is quite possibly one of the most ambitious mods in the history of the gaming community. The mod essentially replaces Los Santos with the map of the iconic Liberty City and Vice City.

GTA San Andreas is possibly the most gameplay-heavy in the trilogy, and players can now experience what Liberty City and Vice City would feel with more gameplay elements.

This is one of the best mods for GTA in terms of alterations to the map.

Mod Link

Published 30 Sep 2020, 10:22 IST
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