GTA Vice City PC cheat codes for cars

GTA: Vice City. Image: YouTube
GTA: Vice City. Image: YouTube
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Debolina Banerjee

Even though GTA: Vice City released way back in 2002, the fourth game in the GTA series is still very popular among gamers. While few gamers like to play the game in a righteous manner, many of them prefer to take help of cheat codes, simply because it becomes easier to play the game.

Various cars in GTA: Vice City. Image: Sporcle
Various cars in GTA: Vice City. Image: Sporcle

When it comes to cars in GTA: Vice City, you would naturally want the best and the fastest. Sometimes it is not possible to get your hands on the shiny vehicles and that’s why these cheat codes for cars will help you enhance your car.

GTA: Vice City Cheat Codes for cars in PC


From Bloodring Banger to Saber Turbo, enter these cheat codes in your computer for getting easy access to cool cars in GTA: Vice City:

TRAVELINSTYLE: To get a Bloodring Banger

GETTHEREQUICKLY: To get a fast Bloodring Banger


GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST: To get an Alt Hotring Racer

THELASTRIDE : To get Romero's hearse


GETTHEREFAST: To get a Sabre Turbo

BIGBANG: In order to destroy all cars

WHEELSAREALLINEED: To make your car invisible

COMEFLYWITHME: To make cars can fly

SEAWAYS: To make cars float on water

GRIPISEVERYTHING: To improve car handling

AHAIRDRESSERSCAR: To get pink cars

LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS: To change wheel size


Apart from these, here are a few general cheat codes that might come handy for you while playing GTA: Vice City:

ASPIRINE: To acquire full Health

PRECIOUSPROTECTION: To get a full armour

THUGSTOOLS: To get weapons (Tier 1)

PROFESSIONALTOOLS: To get weapons (Tier 2)

NUTTERTOOLS: To get weapons (Tier 3)

YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE: To raise wanted level

LEAVEMEALONE: To lower wanted level

LIFEISPASSINGMEBY: To make the clock run faster

ONSPEED: To walk faster

BOOOOOORING: To walk slower

APLEASANTDAY: To enjoy a nice weather

ALOVELYDAY: To enjoy a great weather

ABITDRIEG: To make the weather cloudy

CATSANDDOGS: To make it rain

CANTSEEATHING: To make the ambience foggy

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Edited by Suromitro Basu
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