How to Dance in GTA 5?

Nightclubs in GTA: Online
Nightclubs in GTA: Online
Rahul Bhushan

Dancing is an extremely powerful form of self-expression and a great stress buster. GTA Online introduced Nightclubs that allow players to let loose and dance with their friends online.

The game has a great variety of chaotic match modes, that encourage players to blow things up quite often. However, GTA also offers the players plenty of options to sit back and have a nice time with friends without shooting anything.

GTA is no slouch in the dance department either, allowing you to bust a move depending on how much intensity you want. Timing is the key to a visually appealing dance at the Nightclub. To dance, simply go to a Nightclub in GTA: Online. You can find various nightclubs on the Map.

Nobody wants to look like an amateur, especially in a GTA: Online Nightclub. Nightclubs and Dancing were introduced in GTA: Online in the 'After Hours' update.

How to Dance in GTA 5

Dancing in GTA: Online
Dancing in GTA: Online

The dance controls are pretty simple. To dance, simply walk up to the dance floor and press "E" on your keyboard to begin dancing.

Tap the Left Mouse Button in time to build up the intensity, and use the Directional keys (W-A-S-D) to change dance moves.

Default Controls while dancing (PC):

  • Left Mouse Button/ Right Mouse Button: Hold Intensity
  • F: Drop Intensity
  • Q/E: Rotate
  • Ctrl: Perform Action
  • Wheel Up: Dance Style
  • Wheen Down: Switch Action
  • Tab: Show/Hide Controls
  • Esc: Stop Dancing

Keep an eye on your timing and you will be well on your way to becoming the next John Travolta in no time.

The GTA franchise has a storied history with dancing, with CJ infamously busting out his top-level dance moves in GTA: San Andreas to hilarious results.

GTA: Online takes it a step further and allows for more moves while giving the players enough freedom over its selection of moves.

Dance Styles:

  • Getting Down
  • Break it Up
  • Give it Some
  • Zoned In


  • Banging Tunes Left
  • Banging Tunes Right
  • Banging Tunes
  • Oh Snap
  • Cats Cradle
  • Raise the Roof
  • Find the Fish
  • Salsa Roll
  • Heart Pumping
  • Uncle Disco

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