How to get Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as of 2022

How to get Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained (Image via Unpause Asia)
How to get Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained (Image via Unpause Asia)
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Brewster and The Roost were some of the most anticipated Animal Crossing: New Horizons features that were added to the game with the 2.0 update in November 2021. The barista had appeared in previous iterations of the series as well, making him a popular villager in the game.

Naturally, players wanted to get their hands on him and his famous coffee shop as soon as the update hit the game.

Enjoying my morning coffee with Brewster☕️🌿 #acnh #animalcrossing #animalcrossingnewhorizons

However, players will not see Brewster on their island immediately after downloading and installing the 2.0 update in the game. There are a few steps that players have to undertake in order to add Brewster and The Roost to their island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to find Brewster on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To try and invite Brewster for their Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, one must speak to Blathers at the Museum. However, to get Blathers to speak about Brewster, certain criteria have to be fulfilled:

  • Obtain a 3 star rating for their island.
  • Unlock the art wing in the Museum.
  • Donate at least one of every kind of item in the game, such as fish, bugs, sea creatures, and art pieces.
  • Have the 2.0 version of New Horizons downloaded and installed

Once each of these criteria is fulfilled, return to the Museum and interact with Blathers, who will talk about his old friend, Brewster.


While talking to the player about Brewster the pigeon, Blathers will reveal that he wants to find Brewster and bring him to the island so that he can open his coffee shop in the Museum. He will also give hints on how the player can find Brewster.

Brewster seems to be quite fond of gyroids, so he will be gyroid hunting on some mystery island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Therefore, the player will have to spend 1,000 Nook Miles and go on an island tour with Kapp'n until they encounter Brewster.

Brewster should be fairly easy to spot since he will be the only villager present on the mystery island.

Brewster finally gave me the Brewster gyroid. #AnimalCrossing #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #ACNH

The player should undertake the following steps after spotting Brewster:

  • Interact with Brewster and convey Blathers' message
  • Brewster will hand over a gyroid fragment to the player, confirming that he is willing to open a cafe on their island.
  • Upon their return to the island, players must convey the news to Blathers
  • Blathers will take two days to make space for the cafe in the Museum.

Once the cafe opens, Brewster and The Roost will be a part of the Museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons island.

It requires some amount of patience and hard work to obtain Brewster in New Horizons. However, it is all worth it once the player sits down and enjoy a nice cup of coffee at The Roost.

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