How to get the ‘Lord of the Frenzied Flame’ ending in Elden Ring

Getting the ‘Lord of the Frenzied Flame’ ending in Elden Ring (Images via Elden Ring)
Getting the ‘Lord of the Frenzied Flame’ ending in Elden Ring (Images via Elden Ring)
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Elden Ring has multiple endings that players will be able to opt into as they approach the latter part of the narrative.

All of the alternate endings are tied to specific NPC questlines. This often gets tedious for players who are going for a particular endgame cinematic and achievement to get stuck with another because they got one step wrong.

The ‘Lord of the Frenzied Flame’ is one such ending that many players are having difficulty achieving. Like the ‘Dung Eater’ ending, it too is considered one of the game's bad endings and is equally complicated to complete.

There are several steps that go into unlocking the ‘Lord of the Frenzied Flame’ cinematic achievement. This guide will look to simplify the process and help those Elden Ring players who are attempting to get this ending.

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Getting the ‘Lord of the Frenzied Flame’ ending in Elden Ring

Here is how to get Lord of the Frenzied Flame in Elden Ring.


To achieve the ‘Lord of the Frenzied Flame’ ending, players will need to burn the Erdtree and the reality of Elden Ring's Lands Between with it. On burning it, the Tarnished will unleash the Frenzied Flame of the Three Fingers.

Burning the tree will only happen if players are able to get their hands on the Frenzied Flame from the Forge present beneath the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. The area is located in Leyndell, and upon getting the Flame, all other endings apart from the ‘Lord of the Frenzied Flame’ will be inaccessible until players get rid of it.

However, getting the Seal of the Frenzied Flame from the Three Fingers is a completely different scenario altogether. Players will need to invest in a considerable number of steps before they can successfully achieve the ‘Lord of the Frenzied Flame’ ending.


To get the seal, players will first need to:

  • Finish Irina and Edgar’s questline in Castle Morne, which can be found towards the south of Limgrave in Weeping Peninsula. After defeating the final boss of the optional dungeon and exhausting all of Edgar’s dialogue, Irina’s questline will end with her death and Edgar mourning her and promising revenge.
  • After finishing Castle Morne, players will need to meet Hyetta at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, and give her the Shabriri Grape that the Tarnished will find in a room right after defeating Godrick. Players will encounter Hyetta a few more times as they progress through the narrative.
  • The next time players will encounter Hyetta will be to the west side of the Purified Ruins and then by the gate Town Bridge grace, both of which are present in Liurnia. Players will need to present her with Shabriri Grapes during both these encounters.
  • Players will now be required to head to Bellum Church, where they will find her again, but this time she will ask for a Fingerprint Grape, which one can get by defeating the Festering Finger Vyke at the Church of Inhibition.
  • For the final step, players will meet Hyetta near the Frenzied Flame door below the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. The Tarnished will now need to take off their clothes and go through the drawer to encounter the Three Fingers who will brand the players. After interacting with them, players can once again talk to Hyetta and get the Seal of the Frenzied Flame.

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Friendly Elden Ring tip: If Margit gives you a tough time, go exploring, grow stronger, and you'll eventually be victorious.

It’s important to note here that once players get branded and obtain the seal, all other endings will be inaccessible, and Melina will leave the Tarnished the next time they rest at a Site of Grace. However, there are ways to remove it, and players can choose to do so if they have decided not to opt for the ‘Lord of the Frenzied Flame’ ending.

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