How to perfect movement and rank up quickly in Warzone 2?

How to perfect movement and rank up quickly in Warzone 2 (Image via Activision)
How to perfect movement and rank up quickly in Warzone 2 (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone 2 is more than another battle royale title and requires mastery over different aspects to secure victory. Gunfights and combat constitute most of the gameplay experience, but adept movement methods can be used to outplay enemy players. The skill to dodge, check corners, and initiate fights can help players climb the leaderboard quickly.

Warzone 2 player and content creator IceManIssac showcased some of the best movement techniques in a recent YouTube video. He also describes how to perform those maneuvers accompanied by gameplay clips for easy understanding. Players can follow these steps to improve their movement skills and surprise enemy squads.

This article will highlight different movement techniques that can help players in Warzone 2.

How to get better at Warzone 2 movement and rank up faster?


The number of movement methods discovered in games like Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 is limited. However, players can combine various basic techniques and develop new ones to gain an advantage over other players. These movement methods can improve one’s overall gameplay as they can help dodge lethal gunfire and surprise enemies with their guard down.

IceManIssac started by explaining the importance of slide canceling and how players could refresh their tactical sprints using the melee attack. The creator further discusses different movement techniques that can break the opponent's tracking ability and make winning ranked matches easier.

1) Aggressive gameplay


While peering around a corner to gain information, rushing the corner and initiating a fight is inherently better. You can spot enemies faster when aggressively peeking, and it can be combined with other methods like a drop-shot. This is a great way to throw your enemies off their balance as they have to adjust their aim while you can directly take them down.

2) Instant Prone


IceManIssac cautiously discusses this method as he could not replicate the same effect with a controller. You can perform the instant prone by releasing the forward directional input and instantly pressing the prone button. While this may look almost the same as going prone after standing still, it appears very fast on the enemy’s screen.

3) Drop Hop


This deadly movement technique can be utilized when unexpectedly approaching an enemy player. The method is quite simple but can easily break a few opponents' wrists as they try to track the player model. You can replicate the drop hop by going prone and double-pressing the jump button.

4) Ledge Diving


One of the most disabling parts of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 is the gunfire delay that occurs while diving. You can dive on building ledges instead of the ground to reset the gunfire timer and start shooting faster than enemy combatants.

5) Gravity Hop


The gravity hop is a truly advanced movement mechanic that can be used while falling off a building. You need to tap the jump button when they hit the ground to carry and gain a speed boost that helps push the character model further. The method is more consistent when the player Aims Down Sight (ADS) while falling.

6) Snaking


Snaking is one of the pros and high-tier players' most used movement techniques in head glitches and behind different covers. You must press the back directional button, go prone, and instantly sprint forward. Chaining this movement together makes it almost impossible for the enemy to land a clean shot on you while you get a clear view of them.

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