How to sell an aircraft in GTA Online: Step-by-step guide

Image credits: gta wiki fandom
Image credits: gta wiki fandom
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The GTA experience represents the very pinnacle of excess in modern gaming, as Rockstar wasn't satisfied with the inclusion of on-road vehicles in its games. Hence, GTA Online went further and included aircrafts such as jets, commercial airliners, helicopters, and many more.

As a result, GTA Online never feels like it falls short of impressing its expansive nature upon the player. However, once players have racked up an impressive collection of vehicles and aircraft, they begin to appear more as a source of extra income rather than necessities.

Therefore, unloading a few of these expensive airplanes becomes an exciting prospect as each sale might net the player a lot of cash. While it's hard to make a profit by selling vehicles and planes in GTA Online, any cash is good cash in this title.

How to sell an aircraft in GTA Online


First things first, players must own a Hanger to own aircrafts in GTA Online. Secondly, they cannot sell a Pegasus aircraft in this game, meaning that once users buy this vehicle, it will be in the Hangar for good.

To sell an aircraft in GTA Online, players must own a Workshop within the Hangar as well. To add a Workshop to an already-owned Hangar, they can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.
  2. Select the Hangar they own from the map.
  3. Add the workshop.

The Workshop will cost a hefty $1,150,000 but is worth the investment. Players can also choose to add the Workshop when buying a new Hangar, when picking from customization options.

To sell an aircraft from the Hangar, gamers must ensure that they are on the floor before selling it. To do so, they can go to the back of the Hangare and select the desired aircraft through the control panel and bring it to the floor.

Once the aircraft is on the floor, they can follow these steps:

  1. Approach the aircraft.
  2. Enter the aircraft.
  3. Press the indicated button to modify it (Right on D-pad for PS4 users).
  4. Select "Sell" to sell the aircraft in GTA Online.

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