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How to stop the train in GTA 5: Step by step guide

(image credits: gtawiki fandom)
(image credits: gtawiki fandom)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 21 Sep 2020, 09:57 IST

Players since the game's release have been quite oddly fascinated with the train in GTA 5. The game has a specified Railtrack that passes through the game world, and the internet has been insistent on bringing it to a halt by any means.

From using industrial vehicles at the mouth of a tunnel to placing explosives on the rail track; GTA 5 players have tried just about anything. In games like Red Dead Redemption 2, robbing moving trains isn't only an option, but an actual game mechanic.

However, GTA 5 doesn't exactly let players bring out their Western outlaw in them. Instead, they must attempt for an ariel manoeuvre to stop the train. This is a guide on how to stop the train in GTA 5 without the use of industrial vehicles like the HVY Dump.

How to stop the train in GTA 5: Step by step guide

The train in GTA 5, for some weird reason, has been the enemy of the internet. The community has come together to stop the locomotive by any means necessary.

Amidst a sea of clickbait videos and even popular YouTubers attempting to stop the train and failing miserably, some have actually managed to make it come to a halt.

In this method, players would have to progress a little further in the game, once they have unlocked Jumps all over the map.


Follow these steps in order to bring the train to a halt successfully:

1) Go to the jump marked on the map, here.

(image credits: Marko pegan, youtube)
(image credits: Marko pegan, youtube)

2) Finish the jump successfully; the jump itself isn't too difficult, but with enough practice, players will be able to land on the train.

3) Make it to the front of the train; as close as possible.

4) Place as many Sticky Bombs as you can on the train.

5) Once the train is out in the open, jump off the train and detonate the explosives.

6) The train will then come to a halt.

Published 21 Sep 2020, 09:54 IST
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