How to unlock Taliana Martinez in GTA 5?

Picture credits: operator psikh, YouTube
Picture credits: operator psikh, YouTube
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GTA 5's campaign is filled with satirical humor that parodies and ridicules modern pop culture and media. The game takes major inspiration from heist action movies such as Heat, with both Michael and Trevor looking like characters from the movie.

Heists were the main focus of GTA 5, as Michael, Franklin and Trevor looked to survive in Los Santos by completing multiple heists all over town. Heists are perhaps the most exciting part of GTA 5, and also offer players choices in terms of planning and crew.

The game allows you to pick an approach that you feel is best-suited for the job, and select a crew, which can be especially tricky. This is because the more efficient the crew member is, the higher they will charge for their services.

Meaning, if you pick the most skilled people in the crew, your personal cut of the take will go down significantly. However, if you pick less professional personnel, your overall take still goes down significantly as they won't be able to perform up to standards.

Crew members can sometimes be found in the game world, and if you come across them, you can recruit them to your heist crew. An example of a great crew member who isn't too expensive is Taliana Martinez. She is an especially-skilled driver who does not demand much for her services, making her the perfect pick for your crew.

How to unlock Taliana Martinez for your crew in GTA 5?

Taliana's location on the Map of GTA 5
Taliana's location on the Map of GTA 5

This is a random encounter that can occur while you are driving down the above highway in Los Santos. A woman can be found right next to a fiery car crash, and you can approach her as she asks for help.

Once you pick her up, Taliana will reveal she had been part of a stick-up job gone wrong, and her crew had left her for dead. After you drop her off at her safehouse, Taliana will become available to be used as a crew member for future heists.

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Just remember: GTA 5's single-player campaign might not be the most groundbreaking narrative, nor does it seriously explore themes and the consequence of violence. Instead, the single-player campaign focuses on being an endlessly fun ride from start to end.

It does not concern itself with exploring deeper meanings behind the character's criminal ways and behavior. GTA V solely exists as a way to have the most amount of fun possible in a videogame.

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