How to win Prop Hunt in COD Mobile

Image via Call of Duty
Image via Call of Duty
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Activision has finally added Prop Hunt in COD Mobile after almost four months as a limited-time feature event in Season 13.

For new Call Of Duty Mobile players, this game mode might be a little tricky to master. Once they get the hang of it, Prop Hunt in Call Of Duty Mobile can be the most entertaining of game modes.

There are a few crucial tips and tricks that players need to keep in mind if they want to master the art of camouflage in Prop Hunt. They must remember that objects get the advantage in this match type.

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What is Prop Hunt in COD Mobile?

Prop Hunt in COD Mobile has two primary teams, the Hunters and the Props. They will shuffle after the first round, and it is statistically easier for the latter to win the first round.

The prop team can turn into various objects ranging from basketballs to flower vases. The most commonplace things can hide in plain sight without being noticed in COD Mobile.

Similarly, the prop team has a few advantages they can use when enemies are near. The first one is a flashbang grenade that blinds enemies and allows them to change position without getting noticed.

Image via Call of Duty
Image via Call of Duty

Likewise, props can multiply themselves three times - this is an excellent way to confuse the Hunters. Furthermore, props can move and jump. Hence, climbing up stairs and ladders can be a beneficial move when being followed.

Image via Call of Duty
Image via Call of Duty

A set of instructions are listed below for both teams to excel at Prop Hunt in COD Mobile.

Note: Prop Hunt in Call Of Duty Mobile is a fight against time, and the prop team is not armed with weapons.

How to win in Prop Hunt in COD Mobile?


Prop Team

#1 - Proper hiding spot

First, moving in front of the opponent is not appropriate in Prop Hunt COD Mobile. Thus, it is best to find a hiding place before opponents can notice.

Image via iFerg
Image via iFerg

For instance, if players are playing on the Crash map, then it is best to hide in corners where opponents pass by frequently. This will allow the props to hide in plain sight.

Several competitive players favor hiding in the opponent's spawn. For example, hiding behind the refrigerator near the hunter spawn on Crash camouflages the prop. Thus, finding a sweet spot to hide is quintessential for Prop Hunt in COD Mobile.

#2 - Cloning, jumping, and flashbang

Players should use flashbang on discretion whenever the enemy is close. On the contrary, cloning and jumping need to be done covertly. The former can throw opponents off guard as it will frustrate them during Prop Hunt in COD Mobile.

Image via iFerg
Image via iFerg

Jumping should be used to move around only when the opponents have spotted the props or are nearby. Gamers can jump on to several unknown locations to hide out the entire round.

For instance, players can get inside vehicles or hide atop sniper towers on the Firing Range map. Similarly, hiding beside gas cans also helps distract the opponents. The prop team has to try its best to blend in with the surroundings.

Image via ParkerTheSlayer
Image via ParkerTheSlayer

#3 - Transformation tricks and color scheme

Players should target transforming into objects that are small and inconspicuous during Prop Hunt in COD Mobile. Most of these small objects can be trays, basketballs, flower vases, and so on.

They should try to blend in by selecting objects which naturally blend in on the maps. Choosing props with the proper color scheme on specific arenas can help teams win the Prop Hunt in COD Mobile.

However, gamers may not always get this option, but it is best to select smaller objects while playing this game type. Smaller items can fit in various spaces and even inside bushes. Thus, it is best to transform into something small and inconspicuous.

#4 - Do not hide with a teammate

If a teammate is hiding at a specific spot, it is best to try another area. It is quite risky to hide in the same place as a teammate. Psychologically, if a hunter finds a prop at a specific location, he/she will shoot everything around in the hope of fragging another in COD Mobile.

Hiding together can be a safe option if the opponent doesn't get to see both the props in close proximity. It can be beneficial if the hiding area is dense with several other props. Otherwise, it is as good as handing the opponents easy kills in Prop Hunt in COD Mobile.

Players should try to hide in areas that are entirely on opposite sides. For instance, if a teammate is hiding inside the garage on Raid, players should try hiding near the pool area. Usually, clustering a site with two or more players allows opponents to get easy kills.

Hunter Team

#1 - Preserve Bullets

This act might be inconsequential on the surface as players get infinite ammo while playing Prop Hunt in COD Mobile. However, the fight is against the clock, and conserving ammo is the best way to differentiate between props and opponents.


For hunters, shooting one or two bullets at each prop is the best way to figure out whether it is an opponent. They will get to see the blood splatter if they shoot a member of the prop team.

Thus, it is best not to waste an entire clip on useless props. The urge might be insatiable, especially when players hear a whistle in proximity. Regardless, gamers should try preserving bullets to counter the clock during Prop Hunt in COD Mobile.

Image via ParkerTheSlayer
Image via ParkerTheSlayer

#2 - Move in groups of two and communicate

This is a classic Call of Duty TDM technique. Hunters in Prop Hunt in COD Mobile need to move in groups of two, where two teams scour the edges of the map while the single-player searches the middle area. It allows hunters to maximize their range and move about efficiently.

Subsequently, the hunter moving alone needs to go as fast as possible as props usually tend to hide around the edges of the map. However, keeping in mind that players might camp in plain sight, it is best to shoot a bullet at each prop.

Communicating helps as each time a group clears an area, they can notice if any new item has taken refuge. Furthermore, communicating allows players to know exactly where the hunters found a prop team member. This way, they can eliminate certain areas and scour the other parts to win Prop Hunt in COD Mobile.

Image via ParkerTheSlayer
Image via ParkerTheSlayer

#3 - Scour the sneaky spots

Players on the prop team tend to find sneaky corners to count down the clock. This is an effective strategy in Prop Hunt in COD Mobile, but hunters can counter it by double-checking every nook and corner.

For instance, players need to scour every corner from hunters spawn to prop spawn. They should effectively check under stairs as well as on rooftops. If there are sniper towers and vehicles on the map, it is imperative to check those areas.

Hunters can win every Prop Hunt in COD Mobile if they search every corner diligently. Working in groups helps, but sometimes, it boils down to individual instinctive genius.

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