"It's already been done": Elden Ring community reacts as Youtuber finishes the game without dealing any damage (Pacifist Run)

Elden Ring's first ever Pacifist run has officially been completed (Image via Elden Ring)
Elden Ring's first ever Pacifist run has officially been completed (Image via Elden Ring)

Elden Ring is a game for which many felt that a pacifist run (finishing without attacking an enemy) would never be possible. This is primarily because the game is so vast and there are so many difficult bosses that gamers felt it was a task that should be left alone.

Recently, however, a YouTuber named "Iron Pineapple” pulled off the impossible, completing the pacifist run successfully in Elden Ring for the first time. The community was quick to react to it, as most of them could not come to terms with this massive feat.

Some people can't even beat the game WITH attacks! 😂#EldenRing…

One such gamer tweeted:

"Some people can't even beat the game WITH attacks!"

Obviously, Iron Pineapple had to spend a lot of time experimenting with a variety of concepts, such as spirit summons, possible cheese angles, and required incantations, before achieving this feat.

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The first ever Pacifist's run in Elden Ring was completed using only spirit summons and healing incantations

Before providing a little more information on the run, it is important to know exactly what a Pacifist's run is. This is a run where players basically complete the entire game without landing a single hit on the enemy.

It obviously sounds absurd, but the introduction of spirit summons in Elden Ring is what makes the Pacifist's Run doable. In fact, in the case of Iron Pineapple, that is exactly how he finished the entire game.

This video isn't just highly entertaining, it also provides valuable information about game secrets, unconventional strategies, enemy weaknesses, etc. - do watch it if you're not afraid of spoilers:…

It was, however, not as easy as he had to figure out various unique ways to deal with bosses in the game, such as Godfrey, Morgott, Radahn and the Radagon. He used a variety of spirit summons, such as the Rotten Stray Ashes, Fanged Imp Ashes, Mimic Tear Ashes, and Greatshield Soldier Ashes.

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However, merely using spirit summons was not enough, as they would often end up dying in fights. So, he brought some really powerful healing incantations and continued to cast them in battle, long enough for the spirit summons to deal the necessary damage.

I've been thinking a pacifist run of Elden Ring should be possible, so I was happy to see this pop up in my feed.…

Sometimes, when he used the Rotten Stray Ashes, the spirit summons would end up dying. However, once the scarlet rot was inflicted, the boss eventually died, and all that he had to do was wait it out.

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On April 3, 2022, he published the full run on his YouTube account. Since then, the community has been going wild. Every player who watched the video was quick to praise Iron Pineapple for the effort he put in.

I watched this video and 🤯🤯🤯, I can't belive @IronPineapple_did it... Man I love to see people are willing to try these crazy

While he did use spirit summons, he had to spend a lot of time developing unique strategies in order to deal with the bosses. These plans were not just a mark of his mastery over the game, but they also provided valuable information to those players who have struggled to beat the same using normal methods as well.

Can You Beat Elden Ring WITHOUT Attacking? (Pacifist Run) THE ANSWER IS
I dont even play this game but wow

Hopefully, this will inspire more people to come up with more unique strategies and unveil the immense potential that Elden Ring has as a game.

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