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Jimmy De Santa from GTA 5: All you need to know

(image credits: gtabase)
(image credits: gtabase)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 07 Sep 2020, 12:03 IST

GTA 5 is chock full of colourful characters, and Rockstar likes it when characters just teeter on the edges of just being the right kind of annoying.

Jimmy De Santa, the son of Michael De Santa, is one such character that somehow, despite his incessant foul-mouthed rambling, is still endearing. More often than not, Jimmy can get on the player's nerves, but still somehow manages to be charming and not annoying.

He is played by Danny Tamberelli in GTA 5, despite the community's assumptions that he was played by Jonah Hill. Many in the GTA 5 community still feel that the character was based on Jonah Hill's character from the movie Superbad, and the resemblance in personality and appearance is uncanny.

Jimmy is one of the most divisive characters in GTA 5, as his unique brand of charm can honestly be very annoying at times. Although, hanging out with him is purely optional outside of the story missions.

Jimmy De Santa in GTA 5: All you need to know

Jimmy tends to spend the majority of his time cussing out other players. His first proper appearance in the game comes when Franklin breaks into Michael's house to "repossess" Jimmy's new car.

GTA 5 gives the player the option to hang out with certain characters outside of Story Missions and players can call up Jimmy to hang out with. Why anyone would choose to do so is still questionable, but it is still an option nonetheless.



  • After the mission "Reuniting the Family" Jimmy can be seen in the living room of Michael's house creating a resumé for a job, at times he will say, "Should I put my K/D ratio on my resumé?" If the player looks closely or zooms into the laptop screen, Niko Bellic's Lifeinvader profile is visible.
  • While all three protagonists can hang out with Jimmy for social activities, Franklin is the only protagonist who can take Jimmy to go drinking during friend activities. Jimmy will sometimes suggest drinking while hanging out with Michael or Trevor as they approach a bar, but the idea is rejected due to Jimmy being underage.
Published 07 Sep 2020, 12:03 IST
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